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Max Payne on windows xp???

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heya peeps

i've just bought a new computer athlon 64 bit etc with all the latest stuff in it. its running xp too

i was playing the max payne 1 demo and decided i'd buy the game since its cheap

but when it arrived i installed it it completed it but at the end there was a "the instruction at "0x771c732a referenced memory at 0x00169460. the memory could not be read please click ok to terminate the program" its a kernel.exe error

i tried to play the game and it lets me into the menu but when i select a game to play it loads half way and then just goes back to the desktop without any trace of the game still running.

does anyone know what could be wrong? thanx you
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Did you uninstall the demo before installing the CD? I would uninstall both.

In fact I would uninstall the CD, do a System Restore to a date prior to the install, uninstall the demo if it is on there and then reinstall from the CD.

If you continue to get an error on the install, you might have a bad CD.
Have you checked the troubles.htm file in the MaxPayne Help\htm folder?

There is a link to AMD (must be edited to work) for updated drivers and some other suggestions as well.

If your drivers are the latest, I would check with AMD's technical support to see if there are any known issues.

This might be what you are looking for, but verify on your own:,,30_182_871_9706,00.html

It looks like there is a January update for the 64
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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