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Mass Resignations at Carter Center

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ATLANTA -- Fourteen members of an advisory board at the Carter Center resigned today, concluding they could "no longer in good conscience continue to serve" following publication of former President Jimmy Carter's controversial book, "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid."
You need a WSJ account to read the full article, but another site ( has this up and someone in the comments section posted the letter from the article:

"Dear President Carter,

As members of the Board of Councilors each one of us has been proud to be associated with the Carter Center in its noble struggle to repair the world. However, in light of the publication of your latest book Palestine; Peace Not Apartheid and your subsequent comments made in promoting the book, we can no longer in good conscience continue to serve the Center as members of the Board of Councilors.

In its work in conflict resolution the Carter Center has always played the useful and constructive role of honest broker and mediator between warring parties. In your book, which portrays the conflict between Israel and her neighbors as a purely one-sided affair with Israel holding all of the responsibility for resolving the conflict, you have clearly abandoned your historic role of broker in favor of becoming an advocate for one side."
*EDIT: The end of the letter, from the LGF site:

"It seems that you have turned to a world of advocacy, including even malicious advocacy," the board members wrote in a letter, a copy of which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. "We can no longer endorse your strident and uncompromising position. This is not the Carter Center or Jimmy Carter we came to respect and support. Therefore it is with sadness and regret that we hereby tender our resignation from the Board of Councilors of the Carter Center effective immediately."
Little Green Footballs has this up here along with a related article:

Melvin Konner, physician and professor at Emory University, declined an invitation to be part of a group advising President Carter and The Carter Center on Carter's recent book on the Mideast. Konner notes especially that "President Carter has proved capable of distorting the truth about such meetings and consultations in public remarks following them. In particular, he mischaracterized the meeting he had with the executive committee of the Board of Rabbis of Greater Phoenix, saying he and they had positive interactions and prayed together, when in fact others present stated that the meeting was highly confrontational and that the prayer was merely a pro forma closing invocation." Konner says also that "in television interviews I have seen over the past week, President Carter has revealed himself to be so rigid and inflexible in his views that he seems to me no longer capable of dialogue."
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I usually don't read much "left" material anymore because right-wing stuff is more fun!.
I did however receive a copy of President Carters book as Christmas present , and am reading it now. A interesting book. Much is history , but Carters personal interactions with others is interesting. A worthwhile book if one is not afraid to read all sides of a issue.
It does not give Israel a pass on all that happened , which , I believe is part of the "Board of Rabbi's" problem.
I think this statement is totally false { and I have't even fiinished the book} --hogwash>>>
"In your book, which portrays the conflict between Israel and her neighbors as a purely one-sided affair with Israel holding all of the responsibility for resolving the conflict, you have clearly abandoned your historic role of broker in favor of becoming an advocate for one side."
Carter clearly states both sides of question , and places blame on both parties--as well others including himself.
It does not come as shock that anything remotely critical of Israel brings about the wrath of Rabbi's and their lobby--happens all the time. Verboten subject . >:rolleyes:
Next thing you know , Carter will be accused of be a pro-nazi --racist--anti-semite.:rolleyes:
He is a good man , practicing Christian , and IMO , cares about Israeli and Arab both.
As an American he should , as we are sucked into their hateful games.:( >f
Another article >>>
MIDDLE EAST: Scholars too silent against Carter critics

By Richard Bolt
For the Journal-Constitution
Published on: 12/27/06

Many in the United States and in other countries are frustrated and tired with the turmoil of the Middle East. Undeniably, there is an increasing desire for us to distance ourselves from both the Jews and the Arabs who each are split amongst themselves.

Former President Jimmy Carter's book "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid" is a successful attempt at stimulating thought. As such, it should be praised.

Intellectual honesty and academic freedom are the cornerstones of our educational system. It is regrettable that two Emory University professors (Kenneth Stein and Melvin Konner) have reacted in predictable and typical fashion by lashing out at Carter angrily and without substance.

By so doing they validate the concept that Israel and the Jewish community continue to choose their tragic and centuries-old alienation rather than deal in a conciliatory fashion. It is regrettable that Emory University and its many scholars have remained silent to the embarrassing actions of Konner and Stein.

This silence supports the unspoken belief of many that to speak critically of Jewish doctrine leads automatically to the impeaching label of being anti-Semitic. Emory University and the Carter Center should be proud that Carter has such empathy for Israel that he has the courage to say what many agree with. Emory University and particularly its faculty should be ashamed that Konner and Stein go unchallenged as they have embarrassed themselves and the university.
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LANMaster said:
Is there anyone who really doesn't think that Jimmy Carter is an anti-semite and a staunch, far-left pro-Communist? :confused:
Me. I don't believe Carter is anti -semite , and certainly not a pro-communist.
A liberal yes.
I read up on the guys making most noise , one Konner , and Stein.
Nothing much about Konner other than he is outspoken atheist.
Stein on the other hand >>
Stein to speak at local shul
By Rachel L. Axelbank - Tuesday January 9 2007

Kenneth Stein
Professor critical of Carter book

Kenneth Stein, who resigned from his position as the Middle East Fellow of Emory University’s Carter Center after the publication of Jimmy Carter’s book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” will be speaking at Temple Emanuel on Jan. 1

A professor of Middle Eastern History and Political Science, Stein will speak as part of the Newton event sponsored by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee entitled “Corruptions & Truth: Telling the History of the Arab-Israeli conflict.”
“The event itself is an opportunity for Boston-area AIPAC members to hear more about AIPAC and the policy conference, the major pro-Israel event that happens every year at the D.C. convention center,” said Jennifer Cannata, a spokesperson for AIPAC. The organization expects approximately 200 people at the Temple Emanuel event.

“He [Stein] has been speaking in front of AIPAC audiences for a number of years,” Cannata said.

What should one expect from someone who entertains AIPAC audiences ???
Maybe a past -President {or a current one } should ask approval from APIC before speaking or publishing???.:rolleyes:
I can understand why some disagree with Mr. Carter politically and even personally in some case, but to call him a bigot /racist . anti-semite is way out of line IMO.:down:
Sign of the times however.:(
No supprise to me.

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I found what is said be the center of dispute .
This is what Carter said in book >>>>
"It is imperative that the general Arab community and all significant Palestinian groups make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals of the Roadmap for Peace are accepted by Israel."
My opinion >To me its obvious , it is "imperative" that all such killing has to end if any chance of peace is expected. Its equally expected that if Israel does not respect Resolutions -- there will be no peace. I didn't see anything strange about this statement --just a fact, not nice , but a fact.
Here is what the lobby has to say >>>>

As someone who has lived his life as a professional reader and writer, I cannot find any way to read this sentence that does not condone the murder of Jews until such time as Israel unilaterally follows President Carter's prescription for peace. This sentence, simply put, makes President Carter an apologist for terrorists and places my children, along with all Jews everywhere, in greater danger.
Mr Carter condoning murder of Jews ??????.:rolleyes:
I believe this is not about murder at all, but about the fact that Carter insists Israel needs to honor agreements , the American "roadmap" , other agreements with Reagan and other admis--- and resolutions. This more than enough to provoke an attack from the lobby.
Saying that Carter thinks Jews should be murdered --is the imagination of the far right --nut cases and radical Zionists. >f
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Mulder said:
What's the difference between a liberal and a pro-communist? :confused:
A lot!!! -- what is difference between cats and dogs???.
If someone ---{looking for word}--- believes in Marxist theory , or desires to promote "Communism" ? { don't want to debate the difference} they are pro -communist.
There has never been a pro-communist U.S. President ---not even close .
Anyone who believes so is full of..... well, I will be nice...... :) .
:) >f
poochee said:
I have never heard him say anything to indicate this. I have not read the book myself, so will not comment on it.
And you won't.
He is neither a Marxist , a promoter of "communism" or a anti-semite.
He is --- a ex-military officer-- a southerner-- a Christian Baptist { very religious} and a libera---of sortsl.
My opinion is -- he cares about people and the state of affairs worldwide---why else commit time -travel-- $$$ and effort for all these years?????---nothing to win or prosper with.
Does anyone think for one minute that --for example --that a Dick Cheney , or a Rummy will dedicate his latter years to promoting peace??? . I don't ,they are a-holes, believe in nothing.
At least Carter works for others , and agenda is in line with the least of us.
Here is his site , and if critisism is offered , it should be on merit >>>
I would suggest anyone read his book esp conservatives ---it is a good one.
I have always thought reading opposition opinion is most productive -- I even read all Pat Buchanon books ! :eek:
Poochee , I think your instincts are correct. Mr. Carter is no monster---just someone trying perhaps --to put his beliefs in motion.
:) >f
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A "peacemaker" is one who seeks to bring harmony and reconciliation between those who are estranged. Peacemaking seeks to produce right relationships between persons. God hates those who sow discord and stir up trouble (Proverbs 6:19)
Perhaps ???? . If so , he has rough road . >f
linskyjack said:
Carter is not an anti-semite. He is far to the left, which automatically means that you have to dislike Israel beyond helpful criticism.
The only people I know of that don't accept the reality of Israel--want to eliminate-- is not the left --but extreme right.:down:
Nearly everyone wants a just and peaceful solution. Few have worked as hard as J. Carter.
I don't know of anything that is considered "helpful criticism" of Israel however -- bait for attack, and will get immediate response from lobby. Off limits for Americans and others in the west. In some nations in Europe -- even speaking of disagreement with official descritption of holacaust can land one in jail--a fact. Thank goodness we still honor freedom of speech in U.S. --right or wrong >f
linskyjack said:
Nearly everyone? Thats a joke. Most people of your political bent are obsessively attacking Israel with absolutely no criticism of the Palestenians. You mention a lobby--what lobby is that? (Sounds like you are buying the Arab press hook line and sinker). I assume that you want Jews who support Israel not to react when attacks are made. As far as Europe goes, don't compare it to the US----we don't have their history vis a vis hatred for Jews. Next thing you will be telling us is that the "lobby" is the reason they have those laws.
I honestly know no one on left--personally --that wants the Israeli to be wiped out , or without a nation, but you will hear critisism from the left , while the right is generally silent.
I believe the democrats do support Israel ,and always have , not likely Israel would have survived were it not so. There continues to be strong support in Congress --by both Dems and Repubs --but some of the liberals do have limits . Others offer blanket support regardless of subject.
The lobby? . Not the actual lobbies. By lobby I mean those very vocal defenders of anything Israeli. Make a negative observation of a Israeli policy or action and they make more noise than a frightened flock of geese !
I expect Jews to react to attack, not to would be unrealistic.
I believe Carters book, although written as he sees things, recollects, is not ALL wrong.
One thing that is frustrating about Israel vs Palestine is this . When bargaining for peace , Israel bargains from such a position of power , they are far less likely to make any real consessions. They are not worried with survival of State , and have continued to gain real estate over years. I think thats what frustrates people of my "political bent'.
Its a given that it would be this way as Israel is not only a military power, but a economic one , with complete and unconditional support of a super power.
As far as condemning the Palestinians, it obvious that their leadership has went downhill.
Hamas and other militant groups have made things nearly impossible to fix , and empowered the hawks {likud} in Israel. The best time for resolution has passed , in the 80's IMO.
The future looks pretty bleak to me now and I have no good anwers.
As far as current anti-semitism--hatred of Jews in Europe ? . I can't really offer opinion other than I have read history.
I do know that much support of Israel in the U.S. comes not only from politic, but from religious influences. How this plays in Europe , I don't know.
I am glad to see you recognize that Carter is not a anti-semite, or condones murder of Jews. Thats one reason I read your posts carefully, you don't seem to align with crack-pots.:)
I do really condemn the lack of free-speech in Europe !. If a nutcase says Jews were not slaughtered in WW2--he has right to make fool of himself.
I am amazed that Europeans would stand for speech restrictions -- not much different than Cuba!.
I guess I am spoiled with U.S.freedoms --proud actually. >f
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laneseda said:
I am not a citizen of the US and, therefore, ought not to intrude on the debate here. However, I've been waiting for someone - anyone - to demonstrate why it is that Mr Carter has refused to debate with Alan Dershowitz the allegations he makes in his book.

Carter, as I recall, was not much of a president, his good intentions notwithstanding. (Didn't someone mention the road to hell is paved with those?) He gave in too often to Brzezinski (spelling?) and was responsible, ultimately, for the botched raid on Tehran.

But this aside, why does he not admit to the millions of dollars Ehrenfeld traces in donations to the Carter Centre by the House of Saud or the donations made by the Sheik of Dubai, both not exactly lovers of all things Jewish? No, Mr Carter has a lot to answer for, his book being only the latest.

More information may be found at and Dershowitz's challenge at

I now suppose I'll have the liberal lobby baying for my blood.

I expect Carter has said his piece in book, and will probably not debate anyone.
I think people who read his book will make up their own minds without help of Dershowitz .
As far as military blunders , you will hear no excuse for liberals from me.
I remember the "rescue" attempt well. One of the stupidest operations I have seen, no way possible to be successful. If it hadn't failed in desert , even greater loss of life would have happened.
I used to get very excited when these idiotic things were attempted --now I am used to it.
The Carter rescue --the Marine occupation in Lebanon{ Reagan}--occupation of Iraq-- all crazy , and blunders.
Makes one wonder who advises these things ? :(
Glad you made comment , you are welcome and not a intruder!.
Nobody baying for blood.........yet! ;) >f
LANMaster said:
Deliberate targeting of civilians is a form of terrorism, Jew or no.
No matter whether indiscriminate bombing/shelling of a city-- or a simple car bomb.
It seems to me that the rationale for terror plays a part, after all the U.S.and West are masters of mass destruction of cities.
I think Carter is aware of that fact.
I read nowhere in his book where he condones murder/terror, in fact , it seems to be his mission to stop it.
Is his method wrong ? the way he seeks to implement ? --matter for debate.
If he really did condone murdering Jews , I doubt he would have had the friendship of any Israeli --let alone some in leadership, which he has enjoyed.
I believe his view of how to stop the slaughter , bring peace , is not accepted by some ,seem as wrong, but that is far away from being an anti-semite.
I think you tend to get carried away with your statements when you disagree politically.
Carter seems to me to suffer from a over-active sense of idealism---justice , and wishes that events would follow his expectations --not going to happen there.
Read the book and then bring points to bear, thats what it is for.
Simply parroting some Zionist foes does not convict Carter of being a anti-semite.
Its does the cause of Israel no favor when charges of this kind are leveled at a past -President who has spent so much time promoting peace { and not just in Mid-East}.
BTW, I do agree with linsky about 90% of time . Maybe not how to achieve solution, method, but end result--the one state solution is out of question--never work.>f
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LANMaster said:
Then apparently you and President Carter disagree on the subject.

Did you even bother to read the article in post #1?

His own staff is abandoning him because even those close to him recognize his clear anti-semitism.
Yes I read #1 post, and comments by all.
I have also read the book .
What do you think of the book overall???. Any agreement, anywhere???
I am not interested in what a "Dershowitz " says , or a group of rabbi's.
Interested in what people here think -- not what someone tells them to think. >f
TooBad said:
You ask what is wrong to start peace talks? Where have you been for the past 50 years, the palestinians and their allies are not interested in peace and will only lie in negotiations to obtain an advantage. There is nothing to discuss with cut-throat murderers.
Well, somebody told you to think that way ---just as somebody told me to think my way.
All I suggest is read what the man has to say , and then trash it -all or some , if you disagree.
I refuse to form opinion on some things -without investigation on my own , then I have REAL OPINION -right or wrong.
I have been BS'ed by liberals ----and right-wing nutcases have tried enough over years , that I like to make up own mind.
Not interested in paid lobby's or Rabbi's in this case.
I found much creditable in book. I am almost SURE that others would too.
If someone were to say that entire book --all points were lie ---I would think them a fool.
Of course , as its Carters book , it will shine bright on him >f
gbrumb said:
Do you realize what a straight line this is for me? Do realize how hard I had to restraint myself with this perfectly thrown waist high in the middle of the plate slow ball?
I should be more careful!!!! :D >f
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