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Marking a Thread Solved ?

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I think there should be some kind of forum rule here that will help everyone get it in gear.

If not followed then some sort of automatic band from posting anymore until your previous postings are taken care of. It seems to me that more could be taken care of this way, or maybe after so many days (30) or so the posting should be deleted and you would be required to post again or something. Seems to me there is a lot of unanswered or posting's that lead to no where in each and every forum.:confused:
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The problem of so many people not getting help is a big one here; the unanswered threads have 500 dating back only to the tenth. :)
JohnWill said:
So what's holding you back? Go solve some of those outstanding problems! ;) Are you waiting for the overworked to catch them?
You probably aren't going to believe this but I have my own problems to solve. :rolleyes: :)
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