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Marking a Thread Solved ?

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I think there should be some kind of forum rule here that will help everyone get it in gear.

If not followed then some sort of automatic band from posting anymore until your previous postings are taken care of. It seems to me that more could be taken care of this way, or maybe after so many days (30) or so the posting should be deleted and you would be required to post again or something. Seems to me there is a lot of unanswered or posting's that lead to no where in each and every forum.:confused:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts'd have to enforce that rule, then....and the tech moderators would spend all their time reviewing posts to see if they "went somewhere"......which means you'd get less help in those forums

and that is another one of the difficulties you see...

i grant you that its not a perfect system....that some posted problems are never answered and fall through the cracks....that some people get frustrated by that and feel they are neglected...and that some folks are just not very helpful, either through the info they provide or their way with words......

but i can't imagine any rules that will make it perfect.


lol...or maybe i just don't understand what you're getting at....i just realized that this thread is titled "marking a thread solved"
dbailey18 said:
I should have titled it (Rules for).
I was just thinking (which is probably something I shouldn't do ) to maybe help out the forum moderators and the MVPs of the forums in answering or replying to postings. I do read alot in the forums and it just seemed that there was a lot of loose end's here and there.
you got that right :) a big part of it, imo, is that a lot of folks drop their thread before its solved (never come back), or never mark it solved....

methinks they're archived for those few who actually follow the suggestion of searching for a solution/answer to their problem/question before posting

lotta info buried in those threads, i bet.

Just trying to be maybe a little to efficient? :confused:
nah....everybody who cares about this site has some notion how to make it better.:up: ..nuttin' wrong with talking 'bout it....

i'm just a stick in the mud ;)
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