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"MailWasher" Program questions re msn Hotmail, & setup.

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Been thinking of getting this program--have heard it seems to be reasonably effective--because since I got a msn mail account so I can use NetMeeting, & MSMessenger, I've been getting spammed from that msn E account to my mindspring E box, and its rather annoying to say the least!
1 ... It can be used with msn Hotmail I gather, any special problems I should be aware of when trying to set up "Mail Washer"? Assume there's thing's to watch out for since I go directly to the ,msn box at times to clean it out, & don't use "Outlook Express 5.50 to do so.
2 ... what other problems should users be aware of when setting the program up & running it the first time??
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The Tutorial at the mailwasher site is very comprehensive and it should answer all your questions.

Go for it, it's a great program!
:confused: I have to admit that I fumbled my way through trying to setup MailWasher. I made sure that I downloaded the latest version that handles Hotmail. I read the tutorial and tried to install the program again. But I continue to get this message: The computer currently has no connection to the internet and MailWasher is unable to create one. Yes I am connected to the internet with DSL when I get the message.
I am at a lost as to what to do. ( please).
I had a problem with Mailwasher showing that I was not on the internet, though I clearly was. I called Sympatico & they gave me the solution.
Go to
Click on PATCHES on the far right.
The Patch you need is #6.
I downloaded it & saved it & then activated it.
Like Magic, my mailwasher is up & running again..... :D

But if that patch helped you, you must have had the same problems with Internet Explorer, and not just with Mailwasher

Here's the corresponding MS article:

Error Message When You Try to Use Internet Explorer: No Connection to the Internet Is Currently Available:;EN-US;q303346
Yes, occasionally a small window would pop up telling me there was no connection, but it was never as troublesome as the one not permitting me to use Mailwasher.
I am using IE6, but the Patch is actually an IE5 one.:rolleyes:

I don't believe the version of IE makes a difference as far as this patch is concerned.

But whatever does the job, I'd say! :)
Yes, occasionally I have gotten a pop up window telling me there was no connection to the internet while using IE6...And it was only a minor annoyance, so hopefully now that I have applied the patch it will fix that. But the magic did not happen with the MailWasher and the patch.
Bummer..I will keep trying.
I sent an email to the folks about the problem. Hopefully I will hear from them soon. Then I will post their reply(especially if it works).



ps...Oops! I just got one of those pop up windows that says that I was not connected to the internet..(again)..:( So I guess the patch did not work for that, huh?

Now what do I do?...:confused:
I'd just send an e-mail to Mailwasher support, or post at the board at Computercops.

I'm sure a solution will materialize.
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