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Mailwasher Bouncing

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I am running Mailwasher version

Lately, when I mark spam for bouncing I recieve error messages stating the mail couldn't be bounced either because the sender doesn't exist or the SMTP is incorrect. Is anybody else using this having the same problem? I take it this isn't a mailwasher problem but examples of spammers forging headers or faking sender's addys? (I don't know- I am ignorant of e-mail details)
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Hi !! Pyritechips............only been using the program a few wks..........but I haven't encountered this problem ;) as yet !

Version 2.0.28b out today...could give it a whirl !


pyritechips - I have gotten it with the last few versions, and that is exactly why it happens. The email address is not valid, so a bounceback could not get to it.
Joe: Thx for the tip. I'll check it out!:)

Randy: Do I have this right? Spam is created. Disgruntlement creates Mailwasher to bounce the spam. Spammers fake the senders addy so it cant be bounced. Mailwasher hopefully fakes the fakers...

Sounds like the arms race to me.:mad:
The entire point of spam,or most of it, is not to get you to reply to it, but to push out the ad that is inside. If they have a working return address, which many of them do, they get the bounceback that simulates a server message stating that your email address is invalid, which will, hopefully, cause the spammers to remove your address from their database.

If they have no valid return address, and you can't bounce back, then those tend to be automated mass mailers that just bulk spam blocks of addresses, and it wouldn't matter if you could bounceback or not, they will still send.

In either regard, you are doing the best you can, which is deleting the offending garbage without seeing it, and in some cases, having your address removed from some spammers lists.

Thx for the explanation.

And yes, even with the failed bounces, Mailwasher has made my inboxes much emptier and happier places!:D
I had spam that I could not bounce and the address had a < address > added and I think that is the reason.
Mailwasher looks at what thay say the return address is and it is a fake address.
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