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Mailto: & sms:

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Hi guys.
I've been trying to fix an issue on my website where email and sms links aren't working.
The strange this is the problem only happens on Apple devices. Apple programmers couldn't find anything.

I had the idea that something in my coding was interfering with mailto: and sms:
So i put an html together that has nothing but the links in it. See below.

<!doctype html>

Email Test

[URL=sms:0000000000]CLICK HERE TO TEXT ME[/URL]
Even with no other content I get the same issue.
Works on all browsers but just not on Apple devices.
What is annoying, they were working fine for a few years.

Has anyone come across this or know of a solution?
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Hi Dingus,

I've edited your post. Please use the proper code tags when posting code.
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