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Hi guys,
I have a problem with a flash site that was built in Flash Pro 8.
It only loads halfway and freezes. But if you hit refresh, it will continue loading from where it froze.
The swf file is 1.62mb.
When exporting the movie in flash there are no signs of bugs.
My internet connection is 1.5 mega bit. and seems to load no worries, but i've also tested it on 256k and 512k connections and this is when the problem seems to occur.
The site is hosted on a mates web server. He checked it out as well and has the same problem. He checked and there is nothing on the server side of things to be causing this to happen.
He suggested trying a flash debugging program to find where the problem is.
I'm not too good with stuff like this, so I don't know where or how to check this kinda problem.
Can anyone please point me in the right direction as to how I can solve this dilema.
Any help would be truly appreciated. This is annoying the hell outta me!
Thanks for your time guys.
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