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Macrium Reflect Free Usage Question

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I installed Macrium Reflect Free last year and made one complete backup image. I just updated Macrium Reflect Free to what will be the last Update to this product (will probably get the paid version when this expires).

My question is, where is the complete backup on my computer? I did a search for "C:\*mrimg" and nothing showed up. I'm assuming this would have found anything with that file name on the entire hard drive, all users included.

The only file Macrium related is an .xml file that's 11kB in size. It has the same name as the full backup I have on an external drive which is 140GB in size.

I was under the impression, a full backup would also be on the computer (thinking about that now it doesn't really make sense to have it there, with a failure).

So, does this sound correct? A small .xml file associated with the file on my external drive for recovery?

Thank you.
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It cannot save the mrimg file on the drive that is being imaged. It has to save it onto another drive.
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