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Machine constanty hiccups

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Windows XP PRO / 1.8GHZ PIII using this case/mobo:

Essentially, the machine freezes for a 1/2 second - constantly. Happens while watching movies / playing games, etc..

Happens on a new install - no spyware, no adware. All known updates have been applied. Tried several different hard drives with no luck.

Any ideas?
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It's not that machine. It's the PIV machine (I said PIII by mistake).

The machine with the problem has an ATi Rage Theater card with latest drivers.
No tweaks or overclocking.

256mb of ram, but happens at 512 as well.

Current temps:
CPU: 34C (93F)
System: 29C (84F)

1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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