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Further to my question a little while ago:

"I started a new spreadsheet on Lotus 123, saved it properly, and shut down the computer.

I now wanted to work on it again, and it came up blank - although its size is 17.0 KB.

Where did the contents go? and how can I retrieve them?:

I discovered that it was saved into Lotus 1-2-3 9 Workbook, instead of into 1-2-3 Worksheet (as all my other spreadsheets are). I somehow managed to re-save it into 1-2-3 Worksheet (through File>user setup>1-2-3 preferences>file locations); it now shows to be 14 KB.

But it still comes up blank.
The file may be small, but it represents several hours worth of work and I'd hate to have to do the research all over again.

Please help!
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