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Lost formulas in Excel

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My wife received a Microsoft Excel file. Formulas in this file are missing. For example, if cell E45 should be the SUM of a range of cells above it (i.e. E35 to E44), I see a number in E45 without a formula. If I change anything in any cell from E35 to E44, E45 will not change. The extension of the file is "xlsx". I use the latest version of Excel through Office 365 (on Windows 10). My wife is using version 2011 on a MAC. We are both seeing the same problem. The person who sent her the file does not have the same problem. What am I missing?

One more bit of information: I went under FORMULAS and selected "automatic" for calculation option - it was set to "manual". I have a feeling that this is a related issue, but I am not sure how.
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when you open the file to enable editing , are you asked any questions
often macros would be disabled - but i have not seen formulas removed and replaced with the value

.xlsx - just means its a standard office 2007 or later excel file with no macros

have a read here
as they have seen the issue and its due to copying the sheet before sending to you

Is the sender creating a new workbook to email you ?
Wayne, thank you for following up with this problem.

When I open the file, I just receive the ordinary "Protected View" message in Excel with a button to enable editing. Nothing else. I have tried to open the file directly from the email in Outlook. I have also saved it to my desktop before opening it. It makes no difference.

I already read the article you passed on. I also read a more pertinent thread ( It helped me understand that things happen when sheets are saved or files are transferred from one user to another, particularly under different versions. But I am still unable to fix the issue.
Can she save the workbook onto a share like dropbox/onedrive , so you can access the same file - but i cant see how that file changes just by going through the email system
Wayne, I will see if we can get this through Dropbox. She asked the sender for more information as well. I will update this thread when I find out more. Thanks.
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