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Lost Connection to Network Printer

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My computer was connected to my network printer and was working fine. However, the network printer lost power and during the power outtage, other devices grabbed the same IP address. When power was restored, there was an IP address conflict. We powered down everything and powered it all back up. The network printer then grabbed it's original ip address. However, now, we cannot get any of our computers to print to the network printer. The network printer is on and appears to be connected to the network. Our network seems to "see" the network printer. The port for the printer, as in the Printers & Faxes folder in Control Panels, has the same configuration. But, it still won't print.

I am using Windows XP. All the computers could connect and print to the network printer before the power loss. Now, none of them can connect and print. Not sure what the issue is. Please help!
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Have you checked each computer to make sure that the printer is not designated "offline"?

No error message? Does an attempted print job remain in the computer's printer queue?
We were able to figure out the problem using the following methodolgy.

1. I logged into my router's page at:
2. I looked for a list of devices attached to the router, and found the printer. We had mistakenly confused the network printer with another wireless device (we still haven't figured out what the other wireless device is, but that is another story).
3. We then went into our network printer's settings and assigned it a STATIC ip address of
4. We then were able to connect the router to the network printer using the
5. We then configured each computer by going into Control Panel > Printers and Faxes > (Selecting the Printer by right-clicking and selecting "properties).
6. We then found the printer from the drop down list and configured a STANDARD TCP/IP and changing the port to
7. We did step 6 for all computers and now we can connect without issue.

Hope this helps someone in the future!
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