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Is there any hope of recovering useful files from the filexxxx.chk files that scandisk creates for lost clusters, I have had a virus related crash and in recovery and pre win 98 installation scandisk created hundreds which are my lost data. Any way to recover any of it before I wipe the drive and start over. Thanks DC

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Do a scan and defag once a week and after any bad shut down and before and after any real big install and you should not get many of those filexxxx.chk files.

I use Norton's and 99.99% of the time I get lost clusters is if I am online and Netscape crashes and the PC locks up so I have to use the power button to shut down. I run the scan and it is the netscape cache folder that lost clusters are from. Those are temp file anyways so there is never any lost from losing those files.

I get a report from my scans I can look at or print or copt to a text file like this.

Norton Disk Doctor
Wednesday, May 30, 2001 5:05 PM

* Report for Drive D: *


2146467840 bytes Total Disk Space
972783616 bytes in 5615 User Files
3178496 bytes in 93 Directories
524288 bytes in 16 Hidden Files
5632 file fragments (1% fragmentation)
32768 bytes in Bad Sectors
1169915904 bytes Available on the Disk


Media Descriptor: F8
Large Partition: Yes
FAT Type: 16-bit
Total Sectors: 4192902
Total Clusters: 65505
Bytes Per Sector: 512
Sectors Per Cluster: 64
Bytes Per Cluster: 32768
Number of FATs: 2
First Sector of FAT: 1
Number of Sectors Per FAT: 256
First Sector of Root Dir: 513
Number of Sectors in Root Dir: 32
Maximum Root Dir File Entries: 512
First Sector of Data Area: 545


Drive Number: 81
Heads: 255
Cylinders: 850
Sectors Per Track: 63
Starting Head: 1
Starting Cylinder: 0
Starting Sector: 1
Ending Head: 254
Ending Cylinder: 260
Ending Sector: 63


No errors in the system area


Lost Chains

Lost cluster chain at cluster 15336
Status: Deleted

Lost cluster chain at cluster 52412
Status: Deleted


Surface Test not performed


But I also know that every thing I have on my E: is temp or most of it is. Any program that lets me make a temp file I make a folder for it and have it on my E: drive so if something ever happens and it does not clean up after it's self I can just delete the files on my own and don't have to go to windows/temp and dig tru it to find all the trash.

So the same may be true for you and if all is running ok on your PC then all seams ok then the filexxxx.chk are just setting there as trash. Look at the dates of all of them and I bet it goes waaaay back in time. And yes the Spinrite is a good program from I hear but if you get and use it make sure you are not recovery the virus.
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