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Lost cd-rw, device not found

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My computer has lost the d drive. I have a Compaq Pesario 5461. I was having trouble installing a game and downloaded a new driver from the Compaq website. It apparantly was not the right one and the computer would no longer reconize the d drive. I was getting "d: device not ready". I contacted Compaq support who advised me to delete the cdrom from properties and the computer would auto detect it. It hasn't. I have tried taking the cdrw completely out and putting it back in, but it still doesn't auto detect it. It is completely out of device manager and won't reinstall. I searched this site but I'm not sure exactlly what to do in bios to correct.
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Welcome to TSG

The page on the link below explains the bios. Please read it carefully before doing anything. You may want to print it for a reference while in the bios.

If you need more help or this solves it let us know.
Hi and thanks for your response! Ok, I went into bios and and set it as auto, however I still don't have the cdrw, or any cdrom for that matter, listed under device manager. Any suggestions? Thanks again!
It could be hooked up on the primary slave or secondary master in the bios. Which one did you try or did you try both?
Another thought if you have a boot disk try booting with it and use cd rom support and see if it shows there. It will move to e: with a bootdisk. Type E: and hit enter and see if it goes there. I would try this before going in the bios again. This will tell if it is a windows problem of hardware problem.
I have a restore disk, but it won't boot with it because it's not reading the cdrom at all. Where do I type E?
I'm assuming you have windows 98 or me. If so go to add/remove programs in the control panel and make a boot disk. Leave this disk in the floppy drive while rebooting and it should boot of it. if it doesn't you will have to go into the bios(pressing F1,F2, or Del usually works) and set the boot order to something like A,C,CD-rom so it boots of the floppy first. The floppy will give you a number of options but you want the one that gives you cd-rom support(but not setup). Now watch the screen, it will tell if it found a cd-rom and what drive letter it assigned to it. then insert a cd into the drive and switch to it (type D: or E: ) then type dir to show the contents of the drive. if this works then its a problem with windows. if it doesn't it's likely your drive has died and needs to be replaced. another question is - do you have just one cd drive?
Hi again! ok, booted from floppy. Was able to go to D: and typed dir and got ms ramdrive. Put a cd in, "device not found". Does this mean the cdrw is bad?
With the boot disl d: would become e: A boot disk writes to virtual memory which becomes d: and moves the drives up one letter. With the floppy boot disk try to go to e: and see if there is anything there.
Well, when I put in drive e, I get driver mscd001 unit 0. when I do dir, I get cdr101 not ready reading drive e.
Ok double check the bios and make sure the primary slave and the secondary master are set to Auto. If that does not work, it is time to open the case. The cable connections can build up corrosion. After opening the case look on the back of the drive and you will see a flat cable hooked in the middle. Take it off and then push it back on carefully until all the way on, then do the same thing on the other end of the same cable. If it is a corrosion proble that will take care of it.
Did that. I actually removed the cdrw and put it back, making sure all cables were secure. However, the way they have the cables in there, I can't tell if there may be a slight break somewhere. It has been acting strange for a while, not opening or closing when you press the button. It is set to auto in bios. I think I will put another cdrom in and see if it works. If it does, then we know the cdrw has gone bad. I would think it would be cheaper to buy a new one than to have that one repaired? Thank you for all your help! I'll let you know what happens with the other cdrom.
You could also have someone try it in their computer. If you need to get a new one check the link below for good prices. It does sound like it may have gone bad and it will be a lot cheaper to get a new one even if you could find someone to repair it.

Good Luck
There seems to have been a slight rash of CD "D:\" drives being misplaced lately.

The reason I've joined this site recently is exactly because of this phenomenon.

I recently experienced the same thing when following the installation instructions for a portable USB flash device (Pendrive).

After the software was finished with its dance, my CD-RW was GONE!

After verifying that my CD-RW was truly connected and functional, this is what I've done to successfully get my "D:" drive back:


1) reboot in Safe Mode
2) go to Settings>Control Panel>System>Device Manager
3) delete everything under "System"
4) reboot "normal"
5) allow win98 to detect all necessary hardware
NOTE: I had to direct one of the first devices (associated with power, I think) to the C:\Windows\System directory...if you can't find a specific driver, brouse around your C:\ drive a while.
6) after another "normal" reboot, run auto-detect of: Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove hardware

The above process is all that I recall after several gyrations of uninstalling the recently installed software associated with the Pendrive, but eventually the only thing that worked was as stated above. (This really freaked me out to delete stuff under "System", but what did I have to loose?)

Although I have my CD-RW back, I have some other rebuilding to do concerning some camera software and my audio device, but since I have the original CD's to use for reinstallation, I'm not that worried.

I am certain that there must be a better approach to getting the CD ROM back, but I'm guessing you're kind-of like I was--frustrated and slightly impatient with the inablility to use the CD ROM that has all of the drivers on it!

Good luck!
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