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Firstly I'm not a network expert I have only (mis)learnt things out of necessity. I have a simple(!) network at work with a sbs2003 server with two NICs, one external one internal and 3 XP Pro clients with fixed IPs on the internal card. I have an ISA firewall on the external card.

If/when I boot an XP and logon to my domain I can view and access via network neighbourhood and I can see shares via cmd - net view \machinename.

I have had XP firewall enabled and disabled through my Group Policies that are assigned when the machine logs on. WINs on, WINS off, IP routing on IP routing off

YET... after 3 hours the client machine(s) cannot be accessed. It happens on all machines. if I boot one at 9am by 12 (or just after its no longer accesible) boot another at 11am its gone by 2pm. They 'drop' off the network. From the server or any client I can ping the offending client(s) by IP. I can ping by name, I can still see them all in my neighbourhood, I can see them all via net view, one still receives emails through my mail server, they can all still access my server shares.

BUT NOT EACH OTHER once 3 hours has elapsed since their boot/logon

I get error 53 if I type net view \\machinename and "machine cannot be may not... etc. Network path not found." message if I try to access a share or machine with network places.

It's doing my head in.

I assume its a security/authorisation issue as it works for consitant three hours every time so I assume its some form of (re)registration thing. I've tried as much as I dare in GPO settings to see if its a security thing but have reached the point of thrashing about. One one remaining NT4 box just sits happily in the corner (excepting the odd blue screen and is always accesible-ish)

Has anyone every experienced this. Has anyone any ideas where to start/look. Any clues gratefully recieved.

TIA - axc
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