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Looking for free pop3 email program........

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I am looking for a FREE email program I can use with Outlook Express. So, it must be a Pop3, I do NOT like web-based email. Anyone? Thanks!
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Hi rhinestones. There are quite a few out there I gather, so you can give this a search through if you like and see if any of them suit your needs:

Happy surfing. :) sharon
I've been using for some time, without too many problems.
Hi rhinestones,
Try Incredimail. Its pretty flashy!
You can use Yahoo! mail with Outlook Express.
You can also use Hotmail with OE.
Hi y'all, and thanks so much. I've searched for free email, but they all seem to have a catch (spam, etc.). I heard that with Yahoo and Hotmail in particular can get you a lot of spam. I did find one called flashmail that can be either web-based or Pop3, I'm trying it now. I'm open to all suggestions, and thanks again.
Hotmail provides you with a junkmail filter and it works pretty good. I think Yahoo might do too but it's been a while since I used it.
You only get a lot of spam if you give out your e-mail address to lots of web sites without carefully reading their privacy policies and without telling them not to give out your address to other people.

Yahoo! itself does not generate a lot of spam. I've had a particular Yahoo! account for over a year, and I maybe receive one piece of spam a month.
Great! I'll try Yahoo and Hotmail too! Thanks to all again!
You're welcome :)
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