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Looking for Display setup advice

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I’m planning to set up my games room with 2 consoles and a PC on a dual monitor setup.

The goal is to have a monitor for each of the consoles and both for the PC (not at the same time) or alternating monitors for console to pc usage, depending.
Already looked for splitters and switches for the HDMI and I’d rather not Frankenstein two 2-1 switches with a 1-2 splitter.
Any ideas?
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Hello, Grimarcana, and welcome to TSG. Would a 4 In x 2 Out HDMI Switch box like the one in the link below work for you?

NOTICE: The device in the link is only intended as an example of a product type. It is not an endorsement by this member or this website of any particular manufacturer, product, or seller.
Most monitors have multiple inputs and allow you to select which input is used on the monitor itself.
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