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Logitech Mouseman Traveller jumps

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My Logitech Mouseman Traveller jumps all over the place when Im using it. For instance, if I am playing a game (freecell) - I will point the mouse, and the arrow will suddenly dive to the other side of the page - almost feels as tho someone else is controlling it. Any ideas please?

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Howdy ..

Have you got a pad underneath it.......?
Does it just happen in games or in other programs?

Try it in another USB port if may need to restart the PC.
Here is the driver for that mouse from Logitech site....,CRID=1792,contentid=5276

Download it and install it and the restart the PC and see how the mouse acts.

Check that the laser lens is not clogged with something
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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