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lockup in win98

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I have a compaq 4825 with a 233 speed, 64 ram, resendly installed win98. my computer freezes or locks-up when comming out of sleep mode. I have no anti virus running or screensavers.
now I see that my cpmputer is not going back into sleep mode but still locks up.
I hope you can help
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Hi.Welcome to the forum.
A few thoughts and I'm sure others will chip in their ideas.
What programs do you have running?Do a cntrl/alt/delete to see currently active programs when you have this failure,if possible.
A running program may be the source of your problem.

Try running with only Explorer and Systray and see if you still have the failure.

64 mg of ram is a bit small and you may be running thin on resources.To see this %,right click on My Computer and then left click on properties to see % of resources available.

You might also want to look at available free space on your hard drive.

Also if you have not done a Defrag and Scandisk recently,it might be a good idea.Do this in Safe Mode to avoid interrupts in this process.

These are some high level things you can do to try and diagnose
the problem you are having and the results might lead to other areas that need to be investigated.
Hope this helps.
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