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Im having a Lenovo laptop with the Windows XP OS installed in it.Firstly, Im unable to lock the system i.e if I try Control + Alt + Delete, the cursor automatically goes to the top left corner & I get the small window for closing the screen.
Secondly, the Omnipass tool of finger printing was also installed in the system.Now, since my brother had got it for me, He has his finger printing to be recognized.Now, if I want my finger to be recognised, howw do I do it so that I do not need to depend on him?
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Hi, Sorry, but one of our TSG Admins had already answered you back last month!

AcaCandy said:
Um, if you could just disable it that easily, why have it. Sorry, but we can't help you that. Someone put it there for a reason. We have no way of telling if the laptop is stolen, etc.

Good luck, but I must close the thread.
I hope you understand why we cannot help with what you are asking. This is your 3rd post about this, one was simply Closed as a duplicate by a Moderator, then the one Candy replied to, and now this one.

You can email or PM either of the Admins (Cookiegal or AcaCandy) and ask for assistance, but you won't probably get any just posting in the forums.
For one, someone may post invalid or even dangerous hacks or cracks that will damage the computer>
Two, we cannot have posted in the forums ANY ways to get around security features like FingerPrint access.

You'd probably be better off asking Lenovo for help, I do believe if you and brother can show that you or he...
are the legitimate owners of the computer they will help you. Might have to go through the maker of the
FingerPrint security as well, I can't say.
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