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Dear Wonderful Problem Solvers

Gateway couldn't help me. CompUSA couldn't help me. Various sites couldn't help me with
a "seemingly" easy problem to solve.
I'm running XP AND HAVE OFFICE 2002. I have plenty of Ram 512- and 40g hard drive.

My computer freezes at the oddest time. Usually when I'm booting, or running a virus check
on Norton Anti virus. Or, If I leave the computer for a few minutes and come back, the
cursor won't move and I have to reboot. It even freezes during De frag.

Gateway, two days before my warranty ran out,installed a new motherboard, installed some
new ram and sent it back. Nothing Changed. Still Freezing up.

Comp USA said the problem was in the Video Card, so the installed a "Asylum" graphic card.
(I think I'm getting the terms right here)

Still freezes up.

I have removed all software except the essentials.

Also, two out of three times when I boot up I get the message "The server
could not be found" error OX 800ccc0D. Then I reboot and I'm connect to
my cable Road Runner Service. Perhaps this is all connected in some way.

Could you please give me some suggestions. Surely someone out there knows whats going on.

Thank you,

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