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Location bar drop down box

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I have netscape 4.7 for browser and Me windows.I cleared the sites from my location bar drop down box and now suddenly sites do not appear in the drop down when I type a new site in. What do I need to do in order to save those sites and be able to select from there rather than bookmarking everything? Thank you.
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Are you talking about the address box at the top of your browser and the window that drops down when you click the arrow next to it? Dont take offense I am just trying to understand.
That's the one I'm talking about----------
If it won't hold the history you will have to go into the user folder in Netscape folder and delete the Netscape.hst file. It will then create a new file and will then keep the settings. Make sure Netscape is closed when you do this.
Please, if possible, please give me a step by step (click by click) way to do this.I'm not sure what you mean by user folder in netscape and netscape.hst file. I appreciate your patience with me and your help. Thanks
No problem, but, your patience will have to be greater. I dont run Netscape and am only learning what I can to help. I can give you some stuff to get you started but you will have to follow through.

Anything that has to do with a the person's profile, history, bookmarks, anything that you find in the users folder, like dictionary can be deleted if you have a problem with it. It will create a new file for you and this will get rid of the corrupt file. Any part of Netscape that doesn't work like it should is most likely a corrupt file. Actually if you want to you can delete the user folder and then create a new user profile and it will do the same thing. I find it much easier to just delete the file that causes the problem.

Two other files that cause a lot of problems in Netscape are the pref.js files. These also can be deleted and Netscape will create new ones.

If you experience problems with a certain profile or several different profiles, there is most likely some corruption in the user files. You need to create a new profile in order to resolve this issue. To do this:

Shut down Communicator.
Go to the Start menu and choose Programs, Netscape, Utilities, User Profile Manager.
Create a new profile for yourself using all of the information from your old profile (i.e. Mail server settings), making sure to name the profile something different so that it doesn't overwrite your old profile.
Check to make sure that the profile is working. If it is, shut down Communicator.
Open Explorer and go to your User directory at: C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\.
Find the old profile name, and copy the Mail folder, the News folder, the bookmark.htm file, the file, and any .na2 files into the new profile directory.
Check to make sure that everything is working and go back to the User Profile Manager to delete your old profile.
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If Im understanding you correctly you cleaned up the location bar & also the address bar.... well now you want to know how to back it up w/ out bookmarking it.

Simple .. type all the URL's ( addresses ) onto a notepad.,... save as ( to your desktop ) My Url's. Each time you get a new one you really wanna keep...add it to the desktop txt file.
Thanks everyone for all the help. That will solve my problem.
someone always comes along and shows the easy way. :D :D
I use Netscape 4.61 once in a while. I only really have it so I can answer Netscape Questions. this one had been bothering me. Whenever I clear the Location Bar the same thing happens to me. No more addresses are saved. I resolved this a few months ago, but haven't used Netscape in ages and couldn't remember what I did last time to fix it.
That's a lot of hoopla to go through and you don't have to. Here's how I get the location bar up and running again.

Close Netscape. Go to C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\Your user name

Find Pref.js Make a copy of it and put it someplace for safekeeping in case you make a mistake.
Open the original prefs.js in Notepad.

The problem lies in this line. It doesn't seem to want to delete itself.

user_pref("browser.url_history.clear", 1);

Delete it. But you do not want to have an empty space where that line was or you'll have an error. Next step is to push everything below the empty space up one to fill in.
Highlight everything after the space to the bottom of the file. Copy it. Then erase it ,move it up. Like this. Hightlight the text and press CTRL+C
then Press CTRL+X
Now you have a big empty underneath the first couple lines of the file.
Mark the first empty line with your mouse. Press CTRL+V to put everything back.
Close the file.
Start Netscape.
Let it load. Type an URL in the Bar. Let the page load. That should do it. The Location Bar should be active again.
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True. Like I said. I dont run Netscape so I couldnt tell him exact buttons to push. I do know that deleting the Netscape.hst file and letting it recreate itself would do the same thing. But, I was unsure on how to tell him to get there. You could also delete the Pref.js and it will recreate itself.

I guess I will have to get Netscape.

I did both of those and neither helped. I don't know why. I went through hoops and nothing helped. I finally decided to open up the file and use my very limited skills in JS to see what I could see. This jumped out at me and so I tried it. It worked.

A lot of these things have to be done hands on. Sometimes you just have to play with it. I had it in front of me and had the chance to see for myself.
That is odd. Looks like I will download it tonight when I get home. Can you recommend a good place for it?
Sure. Maybe you won't have the glitch. Stay away from version 6
It is not stable and has a lot of problems from what I am told.

I use version 4.61 Here's a link to the Netscape Archives.

It doesn't include the latest version. Why mess up your system?
Thanks for all the help-----I thought I had the problem taken care of but it's still there. I'll continue to work on it. Not being a whiz I really take it easy when I try to solve problems. Afraid I'll really screw things up.
Tell me---No one of you folks seem to run Netscape for browser----I wonder why--------I have IE but don't like it--------I like the email program on Netscape much better than outlook express. Thanks
As for me, I just never have. There are several here that do though, and some who wouldnt run anything else. Some who are experienced with it say its easier to maintain. But those of us who dont, well, theres the task of having to start over.
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