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I just had some questions on file sharing between a pc and macbook pro.

So I recently bought a macbook pro and transferred all my music to the macbook. I now want to access, modify and reorganize this music (on my mac) from my pc. Bopth computers are in the same room. My pc connects to the internet via ethernet through a router. the macbook connects through wifi.
im running xp on my pc and lion on the mac.

last night I successfully created a public sharing folder between the two- where my pc could access the macbook public folder. It was however extremely slow at times.
It acts strangely… There are times where it is extremely slow:
-for example, when I tried to load some of the music (from my mac) onto my pc's itunes, itunes froze for ~4 minutes when I tried loading 10 songs onto a playlist. after that, it seemed to work fine and was switching between songs on my command very quickly without issues. However, there were occasions where the song would just randomly stop playing and itunes would automatically cue the next song on the list. (I imagine this is because the macbook goes into sleep mode when its not being used and cuts the wifi, but I am not sure).
-another example would be when im trying to access the public folder from my pc in windows explorer. When I open a page that contains a shortcut to the public folder (at this point I havent even opened the public folder but opened a folder that contains a link to the public folder), I notice a fair bit of lag in the response of windows explorer.
-and there will be the random times where windows explorer just becomes unresponsive for a few minutes, but then works fine after.

I'm not quite sure what to make from this:
basically my goal is to have all my music on the macbook hard drive and be able to access them from my pc. (as you might have caught on, im trying to create a setup for my laptop djing)

I've read on forums that I could alternatively buy a special cord that plugs into the ethernet port of both computers to create a direct link between the 2 computers. however, I do still use internet on my pc (which doesn’t have wifi capabilities) so that’s out of the question.

I don’t want to use a external hard drive cause of portability issues and the tedious process of constantly updating one computer's library etc.

does anyone have any sigguestions on how I could improve the performance of the file sharing or maybe a whole different way of file sharing?
and also on a side note, does anyone know of a way to keep a macbook from disconnecting to wifi?
lots of question and I hope I went into enough detail. (or not too much hah)

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