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load VxD error

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Thank god I have found TSG.Excellent site,now for my first question and this has been bugging me a long time.
Everytime I boot up I get a small message window that says
"Load VxD error" Under that it says,
"can't load VxD" and then the small cancel box after that.
It does nothing when I right click so I always just cancel and everything seems to work fine.
Can anyone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it???:confused:
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What version windows/OS are you using please?

go to start/settings/control panel/systems/device manager /select "view device by type" then display adapters... ( was/is there any conflict triangles in yellow? )

click the plus & highlight the video card. then at the bottom go to properties/drivers... then folow thru to update drivers.

let us know what you find?

oh & I think if I was you I'd go to housecalls & run the free online virus scanner as well..
Click here to do so!

Savvy :)
savvy lady,thank you for the prompt reply-
I am running windows 98SE and update regularly from the windows update site.
I followed through your advice-no yelow conflict triangles.
I followed the update drivers path-
my driver is an intel(R)chipset graphics driver PV1.1
It then said the best driver for this device is already installed.
I run Panda antivirus and update every 10-14 days.
I tries the free housecalls scan you recomended and for some reason computer locked up during the scan-no viruses to that point.
hi again
Have you loaded any new devices... something on a USB port perhaps... or a cam?

also I'd like you to go to start/run... type in ... msinfo32 & click ok
then go to "Software Enviroment" click the (+) then go to startup programs
I want you to copy everything that you see in the right window for startup & paste it back here. ( go to Edit ..."select all" & then go back to edit & "copy"
then click open a window here & paste it so we can see whats there.

Savvy :)
Hi jjb, is the name of the VxD identified? If so give the full exact error message. And just exactly when does the message pop up, has the Windows desktop appeared?

We may have to do some systematic "clean boot" troubleshooting to narrow it down.

Have a look at this link to familiarize yourself with the use of msconfig and its options.;EN-US;q188867

Using msconfig we can try to determine whether the "missing" vxd is being called from autoexec.bat, system.ini, win.ini, the startup group... etc.

And if it is coming from the registry, it should have a name we can search for.

For starters, you might try a "safe mode" boot as a test to see if you still get the messsage.

Another method of troubleshooting which might be useful is to try "step by step" confirmation. You can select that from the Startup Menu as one of the options.
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Savvy-have not loaded any new devices,however I have reinstalled my scanner and printer when they were giving me problems but I have been getting this message long before that.
I have 2 usb ports with a webcam on one and a motorola surfboard cable modem on the other.

rollin'- No,it does not identify the VxD,the window appears right after my desktop opens and the icons and taskbar appear.It is a small message box in the center of the screen which says load VxD error in the orange top bar and then can't load VxD below it and then only an ok check box below that. It also is on the taskbar.As soon as I click ok it is gone and for the most part the computer runs fine.

It does not appear in safe mode.

I have not tried the step by step confirmation yet but will do so when I have more time.Just got home from work and wanted to get this off to you guys(bowling tonight!!!).

savvy-I hope this helps-
RealDownload Startup Group "C:\Program Files\Real\RealDownload\REALDOWNLOAD.EXE" -hidden
AIM Registry (Per-User Run) C:\PROGRAM FILES\AIM95\aim.exe -cnetwait.odl
ShockmachineReminder Registry (Per-User Run) C:\Program Files\\Shockmachine\SmReminder.exe
MSMSGS Registry (Per-User Run) C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe /background
TaskMonitor Registry (Machine Run) c:\windows\taskmon.exe
LoadPowerProfile Registry (Machine Run) Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,LoadCurrentPwrScheme
CountrySelection Registry (Machine Run) pctptt.exe
StillImageMonitor Registry (Machine Run) C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\STIMON.EXE
RealTray Registry (Machine Run) C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\realplay.exe SYSTEMBOOTHIDEPLAYER
APVXDWIN Registry (Machine Run) C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Antivirus 6.0\APVXDWIN.EXE /s
ScanInicio Registry (Machine Run) C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Antivirus 6.0\Inicio.exe /Run
ScanRegistry Registry (Machine Run) c:\windows\scanregw.exe /autorun
SystemTray Registry (Machine Run) SysTray.Exe
wcmdmgr Registry (Machine Run) C:\WINDOWS\wt\updater\wcmdmgrl.exe -launch
CriticalUpdate Registry (Machine Run) c:\windows\SYSTEM\wucrtupd.exe -startup
C-Media Mixer Registry (Machine Run) Mixer.exe /startup
Hotbar Installer Registry (Machine Run) C:\PROGRAM FILES\HOTBAR\BIN\\HBINST.EXE /Upgrade
LoadPowerProfile Registry (Machine Service) Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,LoadCurrentPwrScheme
SchedulingAgent Registry (Machine Service) mstask.exe
APVXD Registry (Machine Service) C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Antivirus 6.0\APVXDWIN.EXE
PandaScheduler Registry (Machine Service) C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Antivirus 6.0\Pavsched.exe

ok,I don't know if this will help or is related but I have also been having more problems then normal when booting up.Everything will lock up and I have to restart,wait for scandisk,etc.,sometimes i need to do this 3-5 times before it completely boots.
I am also starting to get the blue screen fatal exception windows on occasion-could these issues all be related??
Other than that the VxD error message does not seem to be affecting my performance at all and that is why I have lived with it til now.I have been writing it off as another windows glitch.
Thanks again
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You could start by doing this:

Go to Start/run, and type Msconfig.
Uncheck the following items on the Startup tab:

RealDownload Startup
Hotbar Installer

Real Tray has to be definitively disabled through the options of Real Player: RP/View/Preferences/Start Center/Settings

I picked Lockdown as well, because it is emphatically not a good firewall.
Uninstall it, and install ZoneAlarm or Tiny instead: (right at the bottom)

Click OK, close Msconfig, and reboot.

Tell us what happens.

Good luck,
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I'm kinda suspecting it has something to do with your Panda antivirus program, if for no other reason than it has 'vxd' in the program name: APVXDWIN
That occurred to me too, but it seemed a little too obvious... :D

But I suspect you may well be right.

I think it would be worth while finding out whether this file is needed at all, or that starting up ScanInicio (Inicio.exe) is enough.

Why not uncheck it, and see whether your antivirus starts up normally. and does everything it normally does without Inicio.exe running.

Good luck,
Ok-we are getting there,Thanks Klein!!!!!!!!!!
I followed kleins advice except for the definitively disabling real tray part.POOF!!!! No more can't load VxD window!!!!!!!!!
Now,let me guess,go back and turn them on one at a time til I figure which one was causing the problem????

Rollin'-FYI,I disabled all and different combinations of my antivirus while I was in msconfig and still got the error message so I can rule that out-right?

Tony-another comment for you.I do not have a great understanding of firewalls.I did not even realize I had one until you brought it to my attention. I did not install lockdown,it may have came with my computer and I wasn't even aware it was there. I will take your advice that it is junk and check out the sights you recommended.
What about the Panda antivirus??? I know Norton and McCaffee are the top 2 but this also came with the computer,I have been thinking about going to Norton but this seems to do what it is supposed to and I do update regularly.

Thanks again everyone-I do have more questions and will be back soon!!!!!!!
Soooooooooooo happy to have found this sight!!!!!!!!!!
Keep up yhe good work everyone!!!!
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Glad you got it cornered.

It may have been the Hotbar Installer.
Its unclear to me why an installer should start up everytime Windows loads.

Panda's pretty reliable.
As long as you update it weekly, why not stick with it.

And you do need a firewall nowadays.
This site provides some pointers, as well as a lot of other useeful information about security issues:

And this one is worth while checking out as well:

Before installing a new firewall, first end task on Lockdown, and only then uninstall it.
Reboot, and install your new firewall.

Good luck,
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