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LiveKernelEvent 141 and 117

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And when i try to game i get crashes because of LiveKernelEvent 141 and 117.
This happens in about 60% - 75% of the games.

I have a brand new gaming setup:

Ryzen 5 3100

GTX 2060

16Gig RAM

So the specs should not be the problem.

I have tried the following:

DDU Clean install most recent drivers

DDU Clean install older drivers

Disable full screen optimalisation

Lower all the graphics settings

Run in borderless mode

Contacted Nvidia support for my card, but they also don't know what to do.

Disabled geforce experience

GPU in Debug mode

Updated motherboard/BIOS

Stress tested GPU and CPU (no problems found) (3dmark and Furmark)

Tried several configurations with Nvidia control panel

For 1 game switching the resolution to full hd resolved it

For 1 game modifying TDR resolved it.

But i think it's strange that i have to modify and test this much before i can run a game.

Does anybody have a clue what else i could try? It's getting really frustrating to cross my fingers whenever i launch a game

Kinde regards,



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