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Linux VPN in Vitual Box stops loading pages

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Hey everyone, Ive been searching the net for 2 weeks tring to solve this problem and everything I have tried has failed!!!

Firstly, Im running a Linux Debian based distro in a virtual machine on my Windows 10 laptop, no problems.
I can run the browser in the Virtual Machine and load pages just fine.. Proxy chain, TOR it all works.

I start the VPN (in the virtual machine) on the Linux terminal, the VPN connects through to the VPN server and says "Initialisation Sequence Completed" ..once again, no problem.

BUT, when I open up the browser again it fails to load.. Will not load any pages at all after I start the VPN.

All the openvpn files are updated as with everything else, nothing missing.
The connection is still up through the main OS and can surf the web no problem, it just stops working in the Virtual Machine.

From all the research I have done, Im guessing the TCP/UDP (interface/adapter connection?) is not routed properly to my ethernet and so the packets are not getting through?

Problem is I dont know enough about networking to understand the route or ifconfig info, nor how to fix the propblem even if i did.

If someone could please help I would be eternally grateful!
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