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Linux and/or Unix for Dummies lol

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I was told that Linux and/or Unix is really challenging to learn. Would you be able to let me know where I can learn about it and how difficult it is? I loathe, despise and abhor Windows 10 and would like a different OS for my new HP that I bought. Would you please help? Windows 10 is, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst OS on the face of this Earth. I don't want to ever use it again. Please help me out?

Thank you!
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Used to be; not so much any more. You'd be surprised how the desktop looks close to Windows and includes a familiar browser like Firefox or something like SeaMonkey (FF suite) or IceWeasel (distro tweaked version of FF).

First do you have access to a computer running anything other than Windows 10? (I don't have 10 so I have no way of testing if creating a live USB stick works exactly the same as it does on other versions of Windows).

Get yourself 2 or 3 USB stick that are 8GB in size or larger. 8 GB is the sweet spot but 8GB sticks are getting hard to find. I was able to pick up a 3 pack of 8GB sticks a few months ago.

Next down a linux live ISO.
My current favorite is LXLE desktop

Download a utility to create a bootable USB stick.
I prefer Universal Installer

Some prefer Unetbootin

When you have your sticks and downloaded either Universall installer or Unetbootin and the Linux ISO, post back and I will go through a step by step as to what to do with the stick and the programs.

In case you are wondering why I told you to get USB sticks, I NEVER recommend jumping in and installing linux on any computer until you have discovered running it through a stick if it likes your hardware (nothing worse than installing only to discover you can't get on the internet or your graphics card isn't supported and you are staring at an image that looks like the Windows 3.1 days). I also ask people to test a few different flavors to see what they prefer. Some like the "start" on the top, like MACs and others prefer on the bottom like Windows. So you will try a few different ones and see what feels comfortable for you.

You can always boot into Windows 10 when you get frustrated with not being able to do something that you could in Windows and go online to read how to do something and print out instructions.
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There are many ways to use various Linux distros.
Booting from a USB drive as Liz posted is popular as is from CD and DVD media.
Also, on a Windows comp, a virtual drive like Virtual Box ( it's a free download ) can do full installs of larger distros ( like Ubuntu ) to test with out having to dual boot or install as a standalone OS.

For Internet browsing, I've switched over to Puppy Linux booting from a DVD, which I can remove after a completed boot. Thus every boot is spyware and malware free at the startup.

Linux in general, has gotten a lot easier to use. In my case, my browser is Firefox and everything on the Internet looks about the same as my Firefox install on Win7, which I now only use off line as a stand alone computer for family and financial concerns.
I have used Puppy for about 2 years with out incidents or problems. Quite unlike the problems I recently had on 2 Win 7 computers that had problems after the new method of rollup updates went into effect.
If you want to try several different 'distros' (aka versions) of linux have a look at this :-

It looks a bit daunting at first but it works very well and lets you put several distros onto a single Usb stick.
To achieve the same effect as what Allan has recommended, there's also SARDU; very similar to the MultiSystem LiveUSB installer (though that will only run from an already running Linux OS.)

SARDU will, however, run from Windows.

Mike. ;)
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