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linux advice

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I have an old computer laying around in my house and I figured I could at least put it to use and learn how to use Linux from it. It's an AMD K6 233MHZ with 96MB of RAM. I'm totally new to linux so I have no idea which version of linux I would be able to run on it. Can anyone give me some advice as to which version to install and where I could find it? Thanks in advance!! :)
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Hey "myvicisslow", I'd look at getting one of the older Linux OS's because all of the new ones I know of, have higher System Requirements then your system can handle.
Try some of the older versions of the, Red Hat, Mandrake, and SuSE linux OS's. I haven't personaly used Red Hat or SuSE. But I would try one of those because, I have been trying to get Mandrake 9.1 to work and have had alot of problems.
Also what are you going to be doing on linux? Because they have different system requirements for the two different things you'll probably be doing(Text work and, Graphical things like, movies and games) So I'd try SuSE 8.2 or lower. Or Red Hat 8.2 or lower.
Mandrake 7 or 7.1 would run nicely on that setup.It will see 64 MB of your 96 MB of ram,but it can be tweaked to recognize the rest after installation.A lot of bookstores have copies of the olders versions bundled with a book for a few bucks.
I've got Slackware 9.0 running on a P200 with 48 MB ram. It's quick from the CLI and when I do log into X with it, I use XFce (a little slow, but snappier than I thought it would be).
Forget Linux, Install freebsd 4.8 min install is 200mb without port collection and X. Get used to it and Linux becomes a breeze.

grab the iso min install disk. Have fun and what have you got to lose is you do not like it? a reformat!

you can also install 5.1 but from 4.8 the next full installation is not until 5.2 in freebsd.

Otherwise you can check out most distros there and no it is not warez or illegal.

Happy hunting
Kind Regards
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