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Left is Right

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all this "left and right" talk is strange when used to describe political and social affiliation, I am stuck with the association of brain function, left being the logical, right being artistic, but when these directions are stolen to represent poli/social orientation they are reversed, the "Right" seems conservative, and conservatism hinders artistic endeavor, but the "Left" are more loose and not very logical in the mathematic, rigid sense.
it is said that the learning and thinking process is enhanced when both sides of the brain participate in a balanced manner, I wonder if this applies to this strange affiliation game? or would you think that would be reversed too?
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Some extremely interesting posts here highlighting the two party system that exists in the States. OK OK so some will argue that this is not so. But in reality it appears to be just that.

So - what are your views on, say, proportional representation within a Government?

Regards - Oldie
Just one example

It is often claimed that proportional representation (PR) undermines government effectiveness, including decisional efficacy, fiscal prudence, electoral responsiveness and accountability. Drawing on New Zealand's experience since the introduction of a mixed-member proportional (MMP) electoral system in 1996, this article examines the impact of the new voting system on government effectiveness. Although government durability has been substantially reduced and the policy-making process has become more complex, governments under MMP appear to be no less able to address major policy problems or respond to changing economic circumstances. Moreover, New Zealand has maintained continuous fiscal surpluses under MMP a radical departure from the protracted, and often large, deficits that characterised the previous two decades under a majoritarian electoral system.

Originally posted by eggplant43:
Sorry, just having some fun. Now who is this apple and orange party?
A new movement being started here at TSG. We are going to baffle mainstream politics by being united in disagreement and take over the whole show! They won't know which way to go on anything!

Who's with me?!?

(someone needs to come up with the secret handshake)

gotrootdude said: "I always thought republicans were supposed to take a hands off approch to business, while democratics stongly took a interest in redistribution of wealth (ie. increased welfare")

By "Welfare”, you mean giving aid to poor or lame the halt. Or aid to the blind, or physically handicapped?

When I think of "Welfare", I think of "tax shelters" and "Halliburton" ripping of billions. I think of rich people sheltering their money by moving their factories overseas, calling them the XYZ corporation overseas but in fact, the XYZ is an American company making off-shore products using American parts and assembling the products with slave labor, then ostensibly "buying" the products from the XYZ company and importing them badged as ABC brand.

Or is your "Welfare" the millionaire oil barons with huge tax breaks or corporate farms who get "Subsidies" that amount to billions of dollars annually? What Dubya gave to the rich iin tax breaks over the past three and half years is "Welfare" on a scale as to shame any effort the government has made towards helping people.

“Democrat do more for the poor, the lame, the halt; Blacks Browns and women accidentally than Republicans have ever done for them on purpose”
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Originally posted by eggplant43:
Why not have the Supreme Court "Select" someone, after all, there is a precedent?
I remember the Supreme Court made their hasty, illegal judgment based on the ballots that had been preserved not the 8,600 ballots out of Dade County that were declared "Spoiled".

Of course, we all remember that the Dade County ballots came out of Black and Brown voting areas. Had they been allowed in, and since Blacks and Browns voted 9 to 1 for Gore, Gore won.

Result? A stolen election with the 100% connivance of the Bush brothers.
Originally posted by AlbertB:
I'm genuinely surprised that you should think this a bad thing as it gave the world first Thatcher and now Blair, two Brits who I believe you do have a soft spot for? :)
AlbertB............If I gave the impression that I thought it a bad thing I truly apologize. The US system isn't better or worse, just different. Yes, Thatcher and Blair are my heroes. (I just said that so I could imagine Paq going apoplectic, probably spitting up his wine :eek: )
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