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Left is Right

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all this "left and right" talk is strange when used to describe political and social affiliation, I am stuck with the association of brain function, left being the logical, right being artistic, but when these directions are stolen to represent poli/social orientation they are reversed, the "Right" seems conservative, and conservatism hinders artistic endeavor, but the "Left" are more loose and not very logical in the mathematic, rigid sense.
it is said that the learning and thinking process is enhanced when both sides of the brain participate in a balanced manner, I wonder if this applies to this strange affiliation game? or would you think that would be reversed too?
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Therefore - who can disagree - that "more is better" - political party's that is :up: At least it alleviates the polarization associated with two party political systems :up:

Do I have a point?

Originally posted by WarC:
Yup! The two-party system blows. If I may speak frankly.
Now this viewpoint gets my attention - lets hope your view is shared by many of your fellow countrymen - of your age - refreshing indeed lad :up:

Regards - Oldie
Originally posted by LANMaster:
Two party system is a natural progression of 2 opposing philosophies.

Unfortunately it means that everyone gets stuck with the extremes if whichever party is in power. :mad:

And natually the moderates of both sides are the big losers ... and the real majority.
Then explain that to WarC LAN - a 17 year old who is not as yet able to vote. Ask him this. Does he see only the two extremes, and how will it affect his future reasoning when the time comes for him to vote !!!

Regards - Oldie
LAN - WOT !!! ... politics = philosophies :eek:

I would label them as Ideologies :D

Some extremely interesting posts here highlighting the two party system that exists in the States. OK OK so some will argue that this is not so. But in reality it appears to be just that.

So - what are your views on, say, proportional representation within a Government?

Regards - Oldie
Just one example

It is often claimed that proportional representation (PR) undermines government effectiveness, including decisional efficacy, fiscal prudence, electoral responsiveness and accountability. Drawing on New Zealand's experience since the introduction of a mixed-member proportional (MMP) electoral system in 1996, this article examines the impact of the new voting system on government effectiveness. Although government durability has been substantially reduced and the policy-making process has become more complex, governments under MMP appear to be no less able to address major policy problems or respond to changing economic circumstances. Moreover, New Zealand has maintained continuous fiscal surpluses under MMP a radical departure from the protracted, and often large, deficits that characterised the previous two decades under a majoritarian electoral system.

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