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Left is Right

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all this "left and right" talk is strange when used to describe political and social affiliation, I am stuck with the association of brain function, left being the logical, right being artistic, but when these directions are stolen to represent poli/social orientation they are reversed, the "Right" seems conservative, and conservatism hinders artistic endeavor, but the "Left" are more loose and not very logical in the mathematic, rigid sense.
it is said that the learning and thinking process is enhanced when both sides of the brain participate in a balanced manner, I wonder if this applies to this strange affiliation game? or would you think that would be reversed too?
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I believe that the "left" and "right" designations in politics come from the fact that long ago, the conservatives sat to the right of the throne whereas the progressives sat to the left. Any association with brain function is completely coincedental (then again it is believed by some that any brain function in politicians is completely coincedental!).

It was mentioned in another thread that in the U.S. "liberal" has become almost synonomous with "socialist". I think that is just a reflection of the deep polarity of American politics, a result of a most curious and rare situation wherein there are only two political parties. This instills in the American mind a dichotomy, a "with us or against us" mindset that was also proclaimed by the President last year and so angered the people of other nations that have a multi-party system and do not understand the dualistic nature of American politics or society.
Hello gb; good to read you again! :)

Sometimes I assume people know what I'm talking about (Hell, sometimes I assume I know what I'm talking about). I should have qualified my statement. Since I do not travel to the States my sould contact with them (excluding the one-way medium of TV) is here in TSG and other forums. It is here in Random that I have seen references of liberal being equated to socialist. I have myself even been called a socialist. But that's neither here nor there. Sticks and stones...
Two party system is a natural progression of 2 opposing philosophies.
Maybe, but it isn't "natural" to have only 2 opposing philosophies. Human philosophy is a pluralism; to believe that there are only 2 that deserve representation is diametrically opposed to the concept of "democracy". And as far as that is concerned, to some foreigners, in America there is only the "near-right" and the "far-right". To many people, there is no "central" or "left" in American politics. It's all relative.
I chose to leave the relatives out of this.
You mean like my Mom? Good plan. The way she's in the garden all the time, planting things, she'd only vote for the Green Party anyway! :rolleyes:
I think that there are some here who may take offense to the idea that there are only two parties
I hope you don't mean me. I'm not offended, just puzzled. I live in a multi-party country and your system is somewhat of a curiosity to me. A third party can play a significant role in policy-making.
gb I'm getting really tired of your hyperbole!

There's only snow here 8 months! :p
No Jim, was referring to members who are Libertarians, for example.
Ok CF, I don't even know what a Libertarian is! Apparently my brain (and arse) is froze solid for 3/4 of the year. Libertarian? Is that the lil ol lady that takes care of all those books in that big building downtown? :confused:
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