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Left is Right

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all this "left and right" talk is strange when used to describe political and social affiliation, I am stuck with the association of brain function, left being the logical, right being artistic, but when these directions are stolen to represent poli/social orientation they are reversed, the "Right" seems conservative, and conservatism hinders artistic endeavor, but the "Left" are more loose and not very logical in the mathematic, rigid sense.
it is said that the learning and thinking process is enhanced when both sides of the brain participate in a balanced manner, I wonder if this applies to this strange affiliation game? or would you think that would be reversed too?
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Dish - the Democrats are more fiscally conservative than the Republicans now - look at the deficit - figure that one out. And the Republicans who always wanted Big Brother out of their affairs now have the right to search without warrants, and are considering a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit Gay marriage - rather than let the states handle it. Go figure - who knows what is left or right - liberal or conservative in this great country U S of A!
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