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laser mouse problems

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I have two laser mice... one a targus and one a microsoft. They lasted me almost 2 months each. But after i changed the battery both are not working. The microsoft tech support mailed me something which i did not understand... how do i get rid of this problem???
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can you post the e-mail?
hey thanks for the quick reply... heres what he sent me

As I understand it, the Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 not responding. Please correct, if the above information is inaccurate

Harish, I understand the inconvenience being caused due to the mouse not functioning properly. I realize the importance of getting the issue resolved and would like to help you with the issue.

Possible Causes

This issue can occur due to the following reasons.

1. Software not installed

2. Connection not refreshed

NOTE: The Mouse works using the MicrosoftT Laser Technology (The laser light is invisible to bare eyes). Microsoft Laser Mouse products are more precise, more responsive, and deliver smoother tracking.

Our Suggestions

Let us perform certain troubleshooting steps and this may help in resolving the issue.

Step 1: Refresh Connection:

The issue may occur if the batteries in the mouse are not fresh. I suggest using fresh alkaline batteries in the mouse.

1. Please try connecting the receiver to different ports and check the behavior. By trying the receiver on different ports, we can rule out any issues with the port.

Note: Bypass any Port Replicators, USB hubs, KVM switches etc and connect the receiver directly to the ports.

2. This issue could occur when micro-switch underneath the mouse is not released. I would request you to check this with a pin or a pen and try to release the button if it is depressed.

3. Press the button on the receiver once. The green light should begin blinking.

4. Press the Connect Channel button on the bottom of the mouse once, green blinking light on receiver should become stable immediately.

5. Observe the green light on the base unit. It will become steady green immediately if the synchronization was successful, if not please try the above procedure again.

Step 2: Check for Interference:

Items such as Wireless Router, Radio, Cell Phones, desktop fans, Fluorescent lights, Large metal objects, including computer cases and metal furniture may interfere with the signal of the mouse. Please keep the items away from the mouse and check the behavior of the mouse.

Do not put the mouse or receiver near any electrical devices, especially transmitters such as cordless or cellular telephones, and other wireless devices or receivers; a distance of 8 to 12 inches is recommended.
Do not put the mouse or receiver on metallic surfaces or objects; especially long metallic rails or cables.
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the green light on the base unit kept blinking and i tried 3 different batteries and kept on pressing the connect button... it didnt resolve the problem
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