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Laptop not working

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Hi, today I went onto my gaming laptop it is a MSI GF65 thin and wanted to download Apex to play with a friend but it said I didn’t have enough storage on my ssd (it’s a 256gb m.2)
So I decided to uninstall one of the game I already have on there (I only had 2 games, escape from Tarkov and star citizen)
So I tried to uninstall star citizen and once i did that it had obviously disappeared from my laptop but my storage didn’t go down at all

I reset my laptop and still nothing

my friend showed me loads of different things to check out to try and find out why and nothing.
so in the end I had to reset my laptop back to original settings and start again

so I did that logged back into Microsoft and all that jazz and I tried to download chrome which made my laptop crash so reset my laptop once again and now I’m stuck on a page that says “getting windows ready don’t turn off your computer”

Please someone help me


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Hello and welcome to TSG!!

After uninstalling the game, did you empty the trash (recycling bin)?

You may have to find a working computer and download/run the Microsoft Media Creation Tool. Create a bootable USB flashdrive, boot to that and try to repair Windows. If that doesn't work, you may have to reinstall from scratch (not a big deal, but you will lose any/all data and programs on the system).
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