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Laptop lags, decreased battery life, overall poor performanc

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Hp pavillion. 12GB RAM, Core i7-7500u 2.7Ghz Nvidia Geoforce
I've had this laptop for maybe two years. I don't really remember if it was this bad when I bought it or not, but what I do know is that theres a huge decline in battery life. It takes an our or two of light usage to completely drain it. It's almost impossible to run a game on it if it's not plugged into the charger, and sometimes even then the lag is too much. I miss playing on hi def :( I checked my temp and it was all within normal range so any help would be appreciated.
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2 separate things here: low battery life and lag. The battery life decreases with age and cannot be helped, you just have to get a new battery. It depends on usage.

The lag is a separate thing. What software did you install recently? Some older software has compatibility problems with new editions of Windows. Some programs have components that always run in the background, causing general slow down. Some antivirus programs have development cycles that do not catch up with new versions of Windows 10 and cause problems.
Ensure your charger is ok condition, such as not decrease the life.

Then, may be your charger has technical problems, if it under Warranty then replace it.

If ensure your charger is ok then follow some instruction:

  • Go to Task Manager and check, If your CPU ramps go to 3.1 GHZ then it means CPU consume more power compare to basic level (1.67 GHz). Stop all backgrounds applications which you are not require.

  • Go to BIOS setting of your system, and check it work properly or not, if not then have to go <power setting> and alter plan setting.
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I found this way on Techgara, had tried and improved the situation.
Step 1: Open the Tasks Schedule window in your laptop by opening the Windows Run dialog box with the shortcut is the window + R button, then proceed to enter the command control schedtasks, complete and then press Enter to perform. If you are not very familiar, you can manually open it by typing the task scheduler into the search box. Then open the Schedule Tasks section!
Step 2: Go to this step you must access the following path to turn off unnecessary items.
Step 3: Select and follow the instructions on the laptop screen and then disable the Idle Maintenace and Regular Maintenace section. Come here, Restart your device to apply changes and slowly check the results.
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