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laptop and camera question

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I have I have a 17 inch HP laptop that I bought second-hand not that long ago that I really enjoyed using lots of memory fast processor. I teach online plus I work online with several businesses and so I'm dependent on my laptop. This morning I realized that when my cat knocked it off my desk yesterday the screen was shattered in the far right corner. it would no longer work at all. I tried to run Zoom on my Android tablet but the camera wouldn't Focus. I ended up canceling all my classes today but I have classes again tomorrow. I live in a very rural and remote area and it's impossible for me to get a new computer today or a new screen today.

So I have some questions about using a second display monitor. The laptop has HDMI input. I was thinking of using a smart TV for my second display but then how am I going to have a camera ? Will I be able to use the camera on the second display if the second display has a camera or does that even exist? or do I have to buy an external camera to put it on that second display monitor and would I even be able to get my hands on the right kind of camera easily? I'm really confused. Right now in my life you not have a good technical support Community as I have had in the past. Right now I'm trying to teach online and carve out my businesses through the internet. Most of my friends know less about computers and Technology than I do. I'm the one that fixes their computers for them. I don't even know if one of my friends has a decent enough laptop for me to even borrow to use for what I do because I'm a heavy user. I'm in desperate situation here. The chances of me finding what I need at the local pawn shop are pretty slim but that's pretty much what I have to work with here. I'm also on a limited budget at the moment. So I use zoom for teaching online everyday. I have to have a camera and I have to be able to share my screen. I don't know why the camera on my tablet it's so blurry and awful but I can't find any settings in Zoom for that fix or any settings on my tablet for that fix it's possible that I could teach me that camera but that would be extremely difficult and alert my students and everyone else to the fact that I am not able to do my job effectively. Please help me!
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Are you saying the laptop screen no longer works, or are you saying the laptop no longer works?
If the fall was hard enough to shatter one corner of the screen, there may be other internal damage.

What's the exact product number(P/N) and serial number(S/N) of the laptop?
Once the laptop is correctly identified, it may be easier for someone here to help you.

Yes the laptop still works but the screen is shattered actually. When I turn the laptop on I just see white and black bars that move sometimes. I’m going to upload a picture of the back of the computer that has the model numbers. I actually wasn’t able to find a screen replacement that That matched the model number I have.


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You have THIS HP Pavilion 17-ar050wm Notebook PC
It was purchased new in October 2018 and came with Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
It has a 17.3" display which has a built-in HP high definition camera with integrated microphone.
It has 1 - HDMI port and 3 - USB 3.1 ports.

I've never connected and used a notebook with an external monitor or TV, so someone else here will need to help you with that.
I'm also not sure if you can still use the built-in camera or if you will need to purchase and use an external USB webcam.

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I use a HP envy laptop and when I connect via HDMI to an external screen ( my smart TV) I can still use the inbuilt webcam & microphone.
Obviously I haven't tried it with a broken screen but it should still work provided the camera wasn't damaged in the fall.

I think your camera & mike are the same as on mine built into the bezel but covered by the glass. I don't see any problems with using the smart TV via HDMI and that inbuilt camera. I have done that several times, including using zoom, skype & other webchat types of software for conferences etc
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