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KT133A and AthlonXP

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I've been looking for a motherboard that will support AthlonXP's, but at the same time still support PC133 RAM.

I've heard that motherbaords with the KT133A chipset support this? True? If not, are there any other solutions that you could recommend that support both PC133 and AthlonXP?

Thank you.
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The only boards I have seen with Athlon Xp and KT133A are DDR. I don't think DDR is a whole lot more than PC133 so I would suggest just going with DDR.
I second that. Go with DDR. PC133 Sdram is becoming old news.
Is that my motherboard just died, and I had a slot A athlon with PC133 ... and, it being Christmas time, funds are tight, and even the extra $50 to replace the PC133 I have now with DDR is going to hurt.

That's why I was wondering ... also, the new chipset motherboards cost more money too, so I'm trying to save whenever possible. If anyone knows, that'd be appreciated ... I only ask because I've seen some shops online advertising that these boards (such as the Abit KV7A) are compatible with Athlon XP.

I know MSI makes some that holds athlon XP and has slots for regular old sdram... heres the page I saw it on
You might be able to find a board with the KT133A chipset that supports both DDR and SDRam... I kinda doubt that matchup, but you never know. In that case you could use you SDRam now, then put in DDR after Christmas when you gets the funds. Also, I personally suggest MSI because I fell they make really good quality stuff, but you can find comparable boards at cheaper prices. I don't quite know of other prices off the top of my head (yeah right... this is from my post to someone else a few days ago) but these are currert prices from the best boards to go with the Athlon Xp:

MSI K7 Master-S 266 DDR 6341-S $265
MSI K7T 266 Pro r RU Raid DDR $145
MSI K7T 266 Pro 2 KT266A DDR $116

Asus A7V 266-E KT266A DDR $185
Asus A7V266 KT 266 DDR Socket A $154
Asus A7M AMD 761 266 DDR $159

Abit KG7 Raid DDR $158
Abit KG7 266 DDR $136

Also if you just want to get the minimum amount of Ram (be it SD and DDR) it shouldn't be much more than $20 or there abouts... but I know what you are talking about. The boards can get a little pricey as it is.
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I am using a motherboard like that.
It's a Gigabyte GA-7ZXR rev. 3xB with a VIA KT-133A chipset
Up to 1.5Gb PC133 SDRAM
Support AMD Duron, Athlon, and XP of over 1500MHz
With 266 FSB

Hope this is useful


Do not buy anything other than Rev. 3xB ( has the new 266FSB)
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