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hello am pretty new to linux i am currently running knoppix and i love it, i was wondering if i could use this alll of the time,as in not turning off.would this choice be bad for my cd rom drive or anything else,could i use this as my main os?
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It would eventually wear out the cd drive-but that could take a while;)
Ultimately you're going to have to try one of three things:
1.Try to resize that XP partition as discussed in your other thread:)
2.Wipe the drive clean and reinstall XP and then Mandrake or Knoppix(yes,it can be installed to the hdd:D )
3.Get a second hdd and install Linux on it.
Knoppix may not be the best choice for your main OS. It can be run off the hard drive but it is set up to use a ramdisk, and its a bit slow because it uses on the fly compression to get all 2 gigs of data on 1 CD-R.
is there anyway too save your desktop config with a cd-r,write things too my windows hdd or is there anything else like that i should know
You cant save to a CD-R.
And yes, you can write to the hard drive from Knoppix but most distros wont run on a windows Fat32 drive/partition.
ok say i wanted to download something from the net and i wanted to save it a windows folder via knoppix is this possible,if so how would i go about it
ok i have this older ibm 4.3gb hdd just laying around, it is a model dhea-34330 e182115

8400cyl 16 heads 63sec/T
it has none of the cords and cables, i kinda thew them away....
im pretty sure it has Win Me on it but i dont care about keeping it on it?
is this in anyway useable to put in my pc, and have the winxp hdd
and this 4.3 gb (Hopefully) linux hdd in the same machine?
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