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Hi! A while ago, Kosheen posted (thread):
Kay, so my problem is: I cannot hold/press my CTRL or SHIFT button while moving with WASD. I must STOP completely and wait a few seconds before I can use them. And if I try releasing it while in crouch or walk, it won't revert my movement back to normal until I release WASD. Which is honestly REALLY annoying. My keyboard is HP Wireless Keyboard (Model 5189URF). This problem also occurs during other games like America's Army, Maplestory, etc. Any help is appreciated!
I'm having the SAME PROBLEM! {same model keyboard too -- HP Wireless Keyboard (Model 5189URF)}

Further explanation:

Input = Output
Pressing k = k
Holding Shift + Pressing k = K
Holding Shift + Holding k = KKKKKKKKKKKK
Happens: Holding Shift + Holding k + Releasing Shift = KKKKKKKKKKKK
Expected: Holding Shift + Holding K + Releasing Shift = KKKKKKKKkkkkk

Please help!
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