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Keyboard issues

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Hello everyone!

Here is the problem i have. Couple of days ago i bought new keyboard, Genius Scorpion K10. I use it as extra keyboard for my laptop, i also have extra monitor (not sure it's relevant to the problem but who knows at this point :D ). I have noticed that very often while im typing (even while typing this post) my shift keys stop working, as well as keys 4, 5 and 6 on numeric part of the keyboard (on the far right of it). This doesn't happen on my laptop keyboard, only on the new one. It seems like it goes back to normal after switching some tabs, apps etc. I've looked up everywhere for solution but haven't find reliable one. I don't have sticky keys or any of that stuff on, i tried every single key combination to get it back to work, but nothing helps, it all seems so random when it works and when it doesn't but at the same time there might be some pattern that I'm not noticing. I reinstalled drivers multiple times, even my entire system, noting helped in the long run, and i doubt it's the keyboard issue tbh. I would be really thankful if anyone has an idea what is going on, and is willing to help me. Thank you in advance!
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Hello, please visit control panel, then click on "Keyboard" icon.

You end up with dialog like the one bellow:

Reduce "Repeat delay" to 1/4
Reduce "Repead rate" to 30%
Click OK, restart system.

Let us know if this works.
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Hello, thank you for the reply, and sorry it took me this long to reply to you. Unfortunately this didn't solve my issue. I tried out online "key-test" and i've noticed that keys i mentioned above are flickering when i hold them and then stop working randomly, all together at once. I would understand if it's only the shift keys, but i don't know what keys 4 5 and 6 have to do with anything. This flicker that occurs when i hold these keys indicates to me that this might be hardware issue even though less than a month has passed since i bought this keyboard. I'm not sure what to do, if there is any other suggestion i can try to fix this please feel free too reply and i ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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