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Keyboard isn't functionaling.

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I encountered a strange issue on my computer. I have two keyboards. One has a USB cable, the other has PS/2. Both keyboards work on another computer, but not on mine. When I turn on my PC, it gets power and all three lights on the keyboard flashes, then light goes off and keyboard doesn't work. I was able to open Device Manager, cause Mouse was working, there was no keyboard listed, but still I reinstalled every single driver there. It didn't work. Then I reinstalled Windows, twice. Neither Win7 nor Win10 did work. I'm sure that all USB ports work, because all of them can detect and read my Flash Drives and WLAN Adapter. I also tried another CPU, another PSU, then removed current GPU and used the integrated video connector. Hard drives and RAM's are also fine. Nothing worked. I have no idea what is happening. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Attach the PS/2 keyboard. Turn on the computer.
Use the mouse to go into Device manger and expand what is listed under keyboard.
Disable PS/2 keyboard and restart the computer.
I did exactly what you said. There was no keyboard listed there.
So the PS/2 keyboard port might be dead. It happens. It is rare but it does happen.

If USB keyboard is not enabled in the BIOS, it will look for a PS/2 keyboard. Since the USB keyboard doesn't appear to work, you can't get into the BIOS.

No guarantee that this will work but you can't operate without a keyboard so it is worth a try.
1. Remove the PS/2 keyboard.
2. Remove the PS/2 mouse and attach the keyboard to the mouse port.
3. Plug in a USB mouse.
4. Turn on the computer and hope that the PS/2 keyboard in the mouse port will let you get into the BIOS.

See if you can enable a USB keyboard in there.

If that works, you might be able to turn the computer off and use the USB keyboard and your PS/2 mouse.
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