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Keyboard detected, is on but not working or typing.

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Hello supporters, I have been having a problem with both my PS2 and USB keyboards. The keyboard is detected,green light (numlock) is on but it's not working or typing. I have got 2 new wired keyboards from my friend both PS2 and USB to test it out, but no avail. All the 4 keyboards are good on other systems.

I have tried to disconnect it, uninstall drivers from 'device manager' and put it back after turning it off. I've also remove dusts, reset the CMOS and used the jumper, but nothing. This goes only for the keyboards and other peripherals are working fine.

I typed this using ' On screen keyboard '. Also, When I click on caps or scroll locks on the online keyboard, it affects the hardware also, which means, the keyboard also lights on, but cannot use it directly on the device.

I am using 1 logitech keyboards and 1 old Turbo-Trak keyboard (1 usb and the other ps2 and both are mine).
I use a Biostar H6IMHB motherboard

There are NO solutions online, so I came here.
Lol, now don't tell me to uninstall drivers or reconnect keyboards after shutdown or that my motherboard is broken, because I had it earlier and like an idiot, paid 23 bucks for it (man, these local technicians will loot you until you're broke, and I'm still a student).
Thank you for reading this long essay and it is now that you people help me.

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Can you boot into the BIOS, and does the kb work there?
Can you boot into Safe Mode?

Most likely, Windows is corrupted. The above will confirm and determine how badly.
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Nope. It does not even work at start or allow me to enter BIOS. buttons like caps lock or numlock does not even work or affect the green LEDs.
Thanks for the reply.
P.s And also, this used to happen earlier. there is a guy that quickly 'repaired' it. This is the third time it does not work via uninstalling keyboard in device manager.
Also, this message at start did not show earlier. But got it after removing and reconnecting cmos battery. This is not the real message shown as it is from google. Can't enter Bios by pressing keys.
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I'm not sure what that means.

If you aren't seeing the BIOS splash screen, then the computer isn't completing POST which would indicate a hardware fault.

And that image show a CMOS failure, so I would hope you are not seeing that error now.
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