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I love using Kazaa! Myquestion is: I am getting a new computer and I want all my Kazaa downloads to be on the new one. mu current computer's recording is bad adn i cant record what i've already downloaded. Do I just call up Kazaa (with my username and password) on my new computer and all my same down loads will be there??? or do I have to bu???y some sort of software that i can't afford to save my downloads
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welcome to T.S.G lizz.

do you mean you want to save the "my shared folder"?
all your partly downloaded files are in your computer.
you need to back them up somehow.
if you cant burn them to disk you will be able to take out your existing hard drive and hook it up as a slave in your new computer.
if you need info on how to do that just ask.

also.....kazaa is bundled with should go with kazaalite,that is exactly the same,look and feel but with the spyware taken out.
if u mean to transfer stuff from your old computer to your new computer , the no , choosin the same username won't work , u will have to do it manually , one way to do it is put the hdd from your old computer in new comp and transfer , or if u got a cdwriter u can record it on cds

the stuff on your old comp is in programfiles\kazaa\my shared folder


kazaalite for your new comp
Or use a null modem cable from printer port to printer port and share the folders. Then just copy them over. Wont work between XP and older OS's though.
As has been suggested by 2 of the replies you have received, connect your old hard drive as slave and copy the downloaded files to your new computer and your partially downloaded ones to your Shared Folder and you will not lose anything.

Whilst the old drive is connected also copy any of your data files and other downloaded software to your new disk.

However, do not try and transfer your old disk in its entirety as you are likely to also transfer problems. If an OS is already on the new computer leave it like that but do go to Microsoft Updates and download/install any missing ones.
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