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JPEG to PAINT??? I've had to reinstall everything lately and now I can't get a JPEG into my paint program, nor can I find how to get paint to reaccept the format. Seems dumb but-hey, that's what's happening. Any suggestions? thanks
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Are you saying that if you go to Paint, File>Open and find the JPEG it won’t import into Paint? Or are you saying that a JPEG just won’t automatically open in Paint?

Also tell us which operating system you are using.
Thanks slipe. paint won't import the jpeg- says it's not a bitmap, format not supported, so I've been looking for how to change formats that paint will import. as I've put zillions of jpegs into paint before and never run across this- I'm confused. Operating system is W98-2nd ed.
Take a look at this MS article:

Cannot View Files Other Than Bitmaps in Microsoft Paint

Why not download a great image viewer like IrfanView or ACDSee?

Alternatively, here's another interesting article that may help:

Good luck,
Thanks tony- I'll follow up on your suggestions- but WHY doesn't it work now when it has before? And where do I get to tell PAINT what I wan it to pay attention to?
According to the MS article, if you install a program that provides filters for other types of graphic files (such as .gif or .jpg files), Paint can then provide support for these file types.

Maybe your setup before you formatted and reinstalled comprised such a program?

thanks again, first link apparently no longer exists( so says my box) and I printed out 11 pages from the second one( nothing like a bit of homework) How come my paint don't do what it used to?
to your last there, tony- maybe it did. Nothing like an unformatted tabula raza drive to replace one that was dropped in your lap all-set-to-go. One must choose between a sense of humor or going nuts- I rather enjoy them both.
Here's the text of the non-existing link :D:

When you try to use Microsoft Paint to open a graphic file other than a bitmap (.bmp) file, you may be unable to do so. However, you may be able to do so on a different computer in Paint.

This issue can occur because Paint only provides support for bitmap files. However, if you install a program that provides filters for other types of graphic files (such as .gif or .jpg files), Paint can then provide support for these file types.

To work around this issue and use Paint for files other than bitmap files, install a program that provides the appropriate graphics filter. For example, Microsoft Word for Windows provides an assortment of filters you can install.

But do try Irfanview. It is goooood

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OK- then, I'm going down to the PC ice cream store and getting me a big dollop-O-irfanview. I like the concept of that my original C drive had sufficient bells and whistles to augment my PAINT capabilities- could very well be so- danged if I know.I have no better explanation and we never know what we had till it's gone- such is life. Sing on singer- drum on drummer, get yer wig on Gladys- We're goin to tha rock show- thanks
OK- i went to tucows and got a big squirt of irfanview and on installing it's got a huge list of stuff to which I can make it apply. When I selected ALL ( what the hell do I know?) it asked are you SURE - again - what the hell do I know? I suspect it would be prudent to be selective here-how best might I proceed lest this program take over my life,be phoning my girlfriend and stealing milk out of my fridge? I'd like to be able to put anything that comes along into PAINT if I choose but I don't want it to be telling me about my investments or pulling the emergency brake when I'm driving down the road- know what I mean?
I'm sure you can trust Irfanview to leave your girlfriend alone...

But just start by letting it handle the most common image file types like jpg, jpeg, tif, bmp, and gif.

You can always add things afterwards if you like.

Good luck,
thanks again- you may very well be a wealth of wisdom. So if I punch it up right can I not only get it to leave my girfriend alone but also get it to make my mother leave me alone- can tucows do that?... never mind... OK- I'll punch in all the visual stuff I recognize- I guess and then maybe the darn thing will paint my house by spring- right? I shall proceed from here and if my house changes color- I'll let you know- it's a log house- pink would be amusing.
I've been back to my download demon 4 times now, reaccessed and changed what this download applies to and I STILL can't get a jpeg to go into PAINT- I'm cornfused??
But Irfanview doesn't allow you to associate jpegs with Paint, it is an Image Viewer and editor in its own right.

If you really insist on to associating Jpegs with Paint, try the suggestions in my last link:

Good luck,
OH- I see. I've been using jpeg cruncher to do that flavor of things but neither one of these programs does everything Paint will do.I don't insist on using paint but neither have I found anything to replace it's ability to draw, add dialogue or create borders in and around pics. I've now printed out all 32 pages available at the tips and tricks site- some VERY good stuff in there that will be grand fun to insinuate into my box - but nothing ( so far as I can tell as of yet ) that goes directly to getting paint to accept a jpeg format. it used to without my having been required to tweak it up in any way. I think perhaps your suggestion that my original paint had a few bells and whistles that a reinstall does not possess is a likely answer. Thanks for your help- and lots of new tricks to try. And, I STILL want to get jpeg's back into paint.
You could also go a step further and install Paint Shop Pro 7

It's Paint on steroids.

Good luck,
Incidentally, I just went back to a previous suggestion in this string- Cannot View Files Other Than Bitmaps in Microsoft Paint It is now accessible and intimates that installing MS Word will help the situation.
Thanks tony and OH GOODY- MORE TOYS !! Might as well get-em all, wind em up and set them loose. I think maybe I like the paint on steroids idea better than putting word back on this box....And , I must reiterate- there are some really great tips on that "one human "site.
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