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john ritter Dead

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:( man, i liked Jack Tripper :( died at age 55, so young.. Breaking news just happened.. cause of death unknown at this time. :(
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Jim has posted this already in announcements.....that and the death of the legend Johhny Cash. :( Take care. angel
Just wanted to let those of you that have been waiting to see the new episodes without John, where they write in his death...are coming out now. The first episode is tonight on ABC. I bet it will be very sad and very touching. :( Take care. angel

'Rules' without Ritter, with emotion
Show has a 'hard and painful week' returning
Monday, November 3, 2003 Posted: 1:59 PM EST (1859 GMT)

LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- "This is going to be a hard and painful week," director James Widdoes told the cast and crew of "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter" when production on the ABC domestic comedy resumed October 13, almost four weeks to the day after the sudden death of the show's star, John Ritter.

By the end of the week, when shooting on the hourlong episode wrapped and the actors were taking their bows, co-star Katey Sagal looked up at the soundstage ceiling and said, "We love you, John."

It was an impromptu gesture that left few dry eyes in the room, and it seemed a fitting conclusion to what was an emotionally wrenching episode for all involved, according to Tracy Gamble, the show's creator and executive producer.

The first show without Ritter, "Goodbye," airs Tuesday, November 4, on ABC.

"The first week back was very rough but also cathartic," Gamble says. "By going on, and going in the direction that we have with the show, it's our way of honoring John. We all had discussions within ourselves and with each other about whether the show would continue and whether we would want to be a part of it. We started thinking that if our viewers have invested in this family, then let's take that left-hand turn. Let's put the Hennessys on this journey of discovering what happens when life treats you cruel."

Sticking to reality

The process of crafting the first few post-Ritter episodes was a challenge for the writing staff, but it was by no means a struggle, Gamble says. ABC's Susan Lyne and Lloyd Braun and Touchstone TV chief Stephen McPherson were "almost telepathically in sync" from the outset with the writing staff's desire to tell the story as realistically as possible, Gamble says.

It was quickly decided that the parents of Sagal's Cate Hennessy character would come stay with the family for an extended period. Gamble and his staff hammered out a four-episode arc to take the group through different stages of grief and in so doing take the domestic comedy through an unavoidably awkward transition.

The first episode, "Goodbye," was penned by Gamble, co-executive producer Dave Flebotte, consulting producer Marty Weiss and producer Bonnie Kallman, with major contributions from co-executive producers Seth Kurland and Ric Swartzlander.

The second episode, written by co-executive producer Gayle Abrams, deals with the family's reluctance to get back into their regular routines a few weeks after the funeral. The third episode, written by co-producer Bill Daly, offers a bit of humor as family members try to move on but are confronted with constant reminders of their loss. The fourth installment, written by Kallman, finds the Hennessys struggling through Thanksgiving.

Once the story lines were in place, the big hurdle was casting the grandparents. They wanted actors well-loved by the public but not too stereotypically grandparent types. Gamble says he still can't believe their good fortune in landing James Garner and Suzanne Pleshette.

"He takes the material and gives it such nuances and such subtleties; you get so much out of him just raising an eyebrow," Gamble says of Garner. "The performances by all of our actors were very, very courageous. Katey led the way, giving us a tour de force."

Moreover, the young actors who play the Hennessys' three teenagers -- Kaley Cuoco, Amy Davidson and Martin Spanjers -- "came through like veteran actors three times their ages," Gamble says.
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Thanks Angel. I don't know how they could get through the taping of them. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. He was such a sweetheart.
You're welcome Lisa! It's on now!! Got my tissues handy. :( See you later! Take care and God bless John! angel :)
The show was handled tastefully and did bring more than one tear to my eye. I was thinking during the whole show that the cast was really thinking of John as they played their parts and were really grieving. :( I loved when the last column John's character Paul wrote was read to the kids. :) Rest in peace John.....Take care. angel

'8 Simple Rules' Returns Without Ritter

AP Television Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- When John Ritter died a few weeks ago, his ABC sitcom seemed doomed as well. But pausing only long enough for a drastic but delicate makeover, "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter" was back Tuesday night to confront Ritter's tragic absence and the death of the character he played.

The hour-long episode began with the usual domestic foolishness as the Hennessy household began an ordinary hectic morning. Then, preparing breakfast, wife Cate (Katey Sagal) and the three teenagers got a fateful phone call: Patriarch Paul Hennessy (Ritter's character), who had dashed out to buy milk, had died of a heart attack at the grocery.

After a commercial break, preparations for the funeral were under way as Cate's parents arrived.

"Can I get you something?" asked Cate's mom (played by Suzanne Pleshette).

"Yesterday would be nice," Cate replied.

Pleshette and fellow guest star James Garner, as Cate's dad, are on hand for several episodes to serve "8 Simple Rules..." in somewhat the same way as their characters: Lending support as the Hennessy family makes the transition to life without Paul, the harried dad and newspaper columnist played by Ritter, the show's much-loved star.

The two veteran TV favorites did the trick, lending a comfortable presence, particularly with their intermittent bickering: This feisty couple have long been separated.

During the hour in various combinations, all the characters grieved, reminisced and paid tribute - and what they said often seemed to apply as much to Ritter as Paul Hennessy.

While his gramps did an emergency repair on the upstairs toilet, son Rory (Martin Spanjers) recalled how his dad retreated to the bathroom when a column deadline was pressing.

"Once in a while Mom would knock on the door to make sure he didn't fall in," Rory said.

Then Cate sat with her daughters in a lonely bedroom.

"You know what his last words to me were? 'Hasta la vista, baby!' Such a cornball," she laughed.

"You know what I'm going to miss about Dad?" said Kerry (Amy Davidson). "Those bogus pancakes he used to make. Like eating Tupperware covers."

"Pancake mix and water!" said Bridget (Kaley Cuoco). "How do you mess that up?"

Ritter had completed three episodes for the new season when he died of a heart ailment Sept. 11. His last episode aired Oct. 7.

Gambling that a lighthearted sitcom can sustain the loss of its central figure, "8 Simple Rules..." is making a desperate bid to carry on as one of ABC's higher-rated series. Doing so, the producers and the network have risked conspicuous failure as well as criticism for tastelessness.

It's hard to say where the show might go now. But with Tuesday's lovely episode, at least, "8 Simple Rules..." made their efforts worthwhile. It rose to the sad, unsought occasion.
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