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You should probably be more concerned about what you need to do to "legally" live there and work there first. But you'll probably also need a bit of money to get started there unless your job is cool enough to pay your way there.

But being there legally would probably be a must, you do not want to show up to your job interview and get arrested ;) , but I don't know how Aus. works in that sense.

I always sort of wanted to vacation Aus. for a few weeks, but the documentories on the world's poisenous spider (which is only in Aus.) keeps me away (sort of sad, right? lol). Goodluck!

(Aren't these forums run out of australia or something?)

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I don't know if I'd want to move there, for money anyways. Meet a guy this summer from there. Told me we make twice as much money here and it's worth twice as much. If thats true us American's can liken it to minimum wage going back to $1.28/hour. Yikes!!!

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Hi Firejay,
Yes, i was hoping that i would get an answer from an
Australian who might know the ropes.

Hi Rockn,
I think 'None' is a bit extreme, i would like to think
that a person could get a job and move to Australia,
but i dont know, maybe they have decided not to
accept any more immigrants.
The place with the yellow brick road only exists in
the fantasy land over the rainbow, but it might be
nice to visit.

Hi CyBerAliEn,
I realise that conditions have to be met, and that
procedure has to be followed. One of the conditions is
that a prospective immigrant has to have a firm offer
of employment. Others include limitations on age, and
also on getting onto the list for that year.

It is also possible to get permits to live and work
in Australia for set periods, again i think these are
also dependant on a firm offer of employment.

This is not for me, a friend was asking what would be
entailed to get a job in Australia, i dont know if he
would be intending to move there permanently, or just
to work there for a few years.

I will ask and find out what he has in mind.

Preliminary job interveiwing would probably be done
before any travel plans were implemented.

Actually i think the world has poisonous spiders all
around, you probably mean the Female Redback spider,
which is native to Oz, and has a nasty bite. Medical
services usually have anti-venom on hand.

These TSG forums are owned and were started by a bloke
called 'Mike' from Pennsylvania, USA and it's now
managed by a motley crew of moderators, who try to
keep some sort of order to this cross-section of the internet virtual community.

Hi Toddles,
I type so slowly with my two finger typing that your
post came in while i was writing the above!
Here in good old England we consider it a good day if
it doesn't rain.
A working man here considers he has come out in front
if this government has allows him to keep enough of
his wages to keep himself alive.
If it is possible to earn twice as much as is required
to live, then that would sound good.
If you get even more than that, good for you.

$1.28/hour might be good if it costs $1/hour to live.
And Australia looks like a nice sunny place to live.

My friend is a driver with a full lorry license for
all types of vehicles. He has heard that drivers get
good wages in Australia.


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Yeah... I think that is the spider. Luckily we have practically no spider problems here (or atleast I never have) in Arizona. We do have scorpions and all sorts of snakes, but you will hardly ever run into one of those (have yet to do so in person, although I did run into a scorpion, which I only realized after stepping on it and killing it, luckily I had shoes on). But I do not want to be bitten by any dang spider like that.

As said, goodluck getting your job in Australia if you are still looking into it! I once hired a programmer who was based out of Australia about a year ago, and they do earn quite a bit less there than you would here (but you also have to remember to figure the difference between currencies, which at that time, as a comparison, I found that a bottle of Coke that would cost $0.99 here, would cost like $1.60 in AUSD [I think that is right]).

But if you want to go there and get a job, have fun! I would personally only go there for a nice long vacation though, lol... any areas of Aus. that are not infected with any poisonous insects? :)

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From what my friend said the cost of living is very close to that of the U.S. Except you'd have to do it with 1/4 of the thanks. I would love to live there though. It looks like an awesome place to live. Not to mention I've yet to see a young Aussie who wasn't beautiful :D :D

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First of all , Australia is a wonderful place to live. We have such a range of country from tropical to snowfields, outback to beautiful coastal islands, don't forget , Australia is a small island , pop of approx 19 million only------ with approx 6% unemployment. We do have some restrictions on immigration etc, broadly, we welcome people from most countries if they are genuine, better still, if they have a profession . And yes, you can get a work visa, but you have to live here for 2 years before you can apply for citizenship. Looking for a highly paid job-------try Sydney( don't expect to walk in on a job-----plenty of competition)do you have any qualifications? that the Aussie business sector may need? You could aways work for McDonalds.
If the cities don't suit you, you have 7 other states to pick from, anything is possible here, (the yellow brick road is a lot of crocodile crap). Most of us have never seen a poisonous spider, but there are many other "bities" here also, poisonous snakes, crocodiles, poisonous marine stingers, etc. Our property prices are affordable and most people own or are buying their own homes, ( to rent a house or flat, again is reasonabley priced)our
living standards are very good, our lifestyle is fantastic---remember the 'barbie', I wouldn't live anywhere else and I have
t-r-a=v=e=l=l=e=d=,, the only thing we don't like here is the yank who is loud, is uninformed about Aussieland and knocks our beautiful Island because he/she doesn't know any better. For all official information , try the Australian Consulate in your state.

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Mermaid: Are there any men who resemble Crocodile Dundee there? :) Sounds like a lovely country. Take care. angel

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Sorry, angelize56, if there are any men resembling Crocodile Dundee, I haven't met them, BUT, there are millions of "loverly" bronzed , cute, masculin men----everywhere. Our lifestyle puts less stress on our guys.

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Mermaid: Sounds good to me! :) angel :)

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Hi CyBerAliEn,
My friend, who was asking, is not particularly bothered
about the local fauna, and accepts that Australia has
creatures that are best avoided.
He knows very little about computers, he is a lorry
driver, a trucker, with a first class British license.
Yes, he would like to go there and get a job, but you
have to do it the other way around.
You have to get a job there before you can go there.
He is still looking at the various necessities.
Some of the requirements are highly restrictive.

Hi Toddles,
Thanks for your comparisons of cost of living, but
unfortunately i am not familiar with the cost of living
in the U.S. or the cost of living in Australia, neither
is my friend.
However we can tell from your post that the cost of
living in Australia is either very close to the cost of
living in the US,
about four times as much.

It is not clear which. :)

We are familiar with the cost of living here in the UK.
It costs roughly 100 or so pounds sterling to live for a
week, depending on the standards of your eating and your
acommodation. Average wages here in the UK are not much
more than that.

At an exchange rate of about £1.00 UK to $1.60 American
(thats only a guess) then £100 is about 160 Dollars.
That might feed and clothe an American for two days or
two months for all i know.

I too would like to live there, but i dont rate my
chances. They dont let in toe-rags like me!!
I'm not as young as i was, and i wasn't that good
looking to start with.

Hi Mermaid,
I read your post with great interest, because of course,
you are living in Australia. You say that you have
t-r-a=v=e=l=l=e=d, well it is a big place. A very big
place. Even though you say 'Australia is a small island'
it is actually big enough to qualify as a continent. :)

I dont know if a lorry driver counts as a profession,
probably as a trade. He is well qualified in his own field,
to drive and handle all types of road vehicles that we
have here.

We dont have road-trains here, but we do have double
trailer articulated lorries. I would imagine that he would
be quite willing to take any training or examination
necessary to qualify for working on those carriers.

I think he has approached the Australian Consulate here,
and he's asked me to find out stuff from people who live
in Australia, probably to get a better idea of what to

You mention marine stingers,
Just as an aside here, have you seen the tale of Ian
McCormack, not Australia, but nearby.
I have a mental picture of the staff, all trying to get
out of the doorway at the same time, with their eyes
wide open !

I will get my mate to read these posts and see what he

Hi angelize56,
My mate wears a hat like Crocodile Dundee sometimes!
(except for the corks)

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