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JBL UA Wireless Streak Earphones

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I am having an issue with my UA JBL Wireless Earphones, the left side is constantly red and every time I take it out from its charging case it does not turn on. The right side was working alright and I thought factory resetting it will help solve the issue. Now the right side is constantly blinking purple and I cannot connect it to my phone anymore. I have attached some media of what my earphones are like right now. May I know how I can fix it?
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Reading the manual here JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash Headphones Manual
Red means it is charging so keep it in the case.
Purple is combo of red and blue and the right side is trying to pair. Open bluetooth on your phone and let it pair, once the left bud is fully charged.

If the left bud never seems to charge, read this
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