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Java virtual machine

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While trying to log onto Anywebcam, I received a message that I need to load Jave Virtual Machine. I am running Win XP Home. Where do I find this, and how do I install it? Thanks for any help.
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I went to that page, saw the download icon, tried that. I don't think that gave me what I needed, since I am still getting the same error message. Is there someplace else on the page I should be clicking? Thanks again.
U can download Java Virtual machine from here

just click on msjavx86.exe and it will download ..

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Try Microsoft's:

Install it, go to Control Panel and click on the Java icon. Under the browser section, uncheck the box about integration into your browser. That will make MS Java your default.
Thanks for the guidance. Everything is working again. You guys are the best.
Thanks for the followup. It looks like maxmelbin and I had the same idea at the same time. Too bad Sun is taking over Java---the MS one sure does work better.
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