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Java content not opening in IE-11

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I've been trying to open my office's website so that I can work from home but Internet Explorer / Java / etc. etc. is giving me a hard time. I've followed everything the guy from IT told me to do on my system but to no avail.

What I did so far

1) Added my company's website in Compatibility View Settings
Rectangle Screenshot Computer Font Operating system

2) Under "Manage add-ons" enabled Java

3) Put check marks in use SSL 3.0 and SSL 2.0

but when i try to open my work page it does not load Java content. What can i do..

IT guy from office says that is all i need to do to run the website. But its not working. He said i need to install java certifications and need to grant some access..

Plzzz help...


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Put check marks in use SSL 3.0 and SSL 2.0
Remove them! SSL 2 and SSL3 are security risks and should NOT be used, since 2014
Disable SSL 3.0 and enable TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Internet Explorer
Thank You so much... Now its working.. That's why I love TechGuy!! Thanks man.
I wonder why the guy from IT didn't mention that, in fact he said to put check marks in those boxes.
Well anyways its working and I'm happy..!!!
I'm not a man but I'll take the thanks.

Not everyone can know everything. I happen to remember this because I'm "IT" at our house. I had to go through the computers in the house and disable that a while ago.

Tell your IT guy what you discovered so he knows for the next time.
Ohh my bad, Sorry!!!.. Yeah I should have paid attention to your name, "Liz", but I got excited. Actually I was drinking coffee when I was posting you the reply, and I believe I followed what your picture mentions literally.. :)
Yes I would surely tell him about what I discovered and also to my colleagues, they all face this difficulty.
I hope this time I didn't mention anything incorrect... :) :)
Your post was fine.
I usually correct people because lots assume that volunteer computer helpers are young men.
I happen to be a woman and I'm in my late 60's.
(You are never too old to learn! I learn at least one new thing about computers, hardware or software every day.)
Wow..!! That's great..!!
I don't think I learn anything new even in a month (n). You learn something new everyday, that's quite motivation (y)(y)
And your display pic is quite funny. Every time I see it I cant stop myself from laughing...
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